How to replace the cylinder head gasket on a 96 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder

How to replace the cylinder head gasket on a 96 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder

This is a tutorial on how to replace your head gasket.
Car: 1996 Toyota Camry, 5S-FE engine 2.2 Liter 4 cylinder
Engine repair manual download:
7:09 Head bolt torque
7:39 Camshaft torque
11:28 Vacuum hose routing
12:48 Timing belt installation



phpr p says:

You put oil too early and then you have to clean it later . Hummm .

3harrisontaino says:

Where'd you learn to do all this btw? Or just followed the manual?

David Ta says:

you are the best men. very detail about this head rebuild. easy understand and very helpful. thanks

Beth Bryant says:

I took the distributor out before i would line up the cam and crank shaft. Would it affect the turning on the car in any way? thanks!!

Driver Jeff says:

I took my head and intake off together and reassembled on the bench so intake man would be correct tourqe,and you shouldnt just remove all the vac lines thats how you really mess up,always swap your head with a reman one

Jonathan Roberts says:

How much would u charge to do this to my 93?


Your awesome

Ramon Cutino says:

Great video!!, where did u buy the re manufactured head?, thanks

Biyo ri says:

Just go to a mechanic what I'm thinking. I would never be able to put this back together lol

Stas Zherebtsov says:

The best video!!! Спасибо просто и понятно один только вопрос распределения вал взводить не нужно? Собираюсь повторить ваш подвиг. Thanks for your time

cbrkcg1991 None says:

You used the wrong Coolant lol

Minh Pham says:

Well done. Thanks for a great video!

Lorraine Hernandez says:

if i pay a mechanic what is a good price for labor and part?

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