How to replace spark plugs on 2010 Toyota Prius

How to replace spark plugs on 2010 Toyota Prius

Detailed How-To with tips, tricks and data for performing this service. Denso SC20HR11 was replaced by SC16HR11 spark plugs.



Scott says:

I had one of these (bought new). I traded it for a Dodge Challenger SRT.
Life is too short for soul-less, boring cars.

Nicolaas Van de Houten says:

The life of the Sienna. Not only do you need to take the windshield cowl/motor assembly off, you need to remove everything up to and including the intake manifold off to get to the back spark plugs. Good thing I work on my own vehicles lol.

On a side note.. love seeing you work on the repairs Peter! Maybe sometimes when you feel like you don't have enough time, you could set the camera up and just have it recording – then give us play backs in fast forward time.

Pedro Fernandez says:

Might as well replace the struts at this time.

Pedro Fernandez says:

On the Yaris , you need to do all this to replace front struts, but not for plugs, this is ridiculous.

V Vogt says:

Excellent DIY Video! Thanks Brother Have a Great Evening

Dale Premo says:

You always go the extra step with all the cleaning and that is so good to see. The only thing on this one was I wish you had included a couple snapshots of the reassembled cowling/wiper area to show off your nice work. Thank you, as always.

Pedro Fernandez says:

I would never buy a hybrid, too damn complicated to perform the most basic maintenance.

Brian Bumgardner says:

No one was on vacation when that was designed. The people who design these don't care about service. They design them to be easy to assemble and for engine efficiency.

Bees Landscaping says:

Are you located in New Jersey

Wallace Batchelor says:

I have a 2007 Highlander with the 3.3 litre V6 engine which has the same problem with changing the spark plugs on the rear bank. Would like to see your procedure for that. Great video , thanks

David G says:

18 ft lbs not Newton meters. Correct ? Thank you for thorough videos.

rockbay79 says:

Geez, that was a lot of effort just to get to the spark plugs. I'm glad you posted this because I'm learning so much about the different types and models of Toyotas. However, these Prius models seem to require in-depth mechanical skills to work on. I would pass on ownership of one of these cars. Why? Because I must pay to have vehicle work performed on my vehicles. Age, combined with arthritis, prevents me from working on my vehicles any longer. I do enjoy your videos, they are very helpful in learning about all the new technology.

7Westwood says:

Great Info. Thank You!

Apples and Oranges says:

Am I the only one who wants to take a sip of the toyota antifreeze?


Looks like a (2) hour DIY job to change the plugs.

Right Lane Hog says:

Welcome back? I feel like we never left.

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