How to replace Hybrid Battery Fan Filter : 2020+ Toyota Corolla

How to replace Hybrid Battery Fan Filter : 2020+ Toyota Corolla

A Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician shows you how to replace the Hybrid Battery Fan Filter which will Prolong the life of your hybrid battery.

I say this in every hybrid video I make. This is the most important maintenance item on your Toyota Hybrid. Keep this filter clean and clear and you should have no issues making your Toyota Hybrid battery last a very long time.

Filter part number is G92DH-12050.

This video applies to all Corolla Hybrid models 2020-2021 and up.

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Angelo Govico says:

After watching your Should I Buy a Toyota Hybrid video, I’ve been looking trying to look for how to maintain my filter on my 2020 Corolla Hybrid, so thanks for the video!

Joshua Kuo says:

Looking forward to a video for a fan filter replacement for the 2013-2018 Avalon Hybrid! I wish it was as easy as this Corolla!

Don De Paz says:

Thank you for this video! Is the process the same for the Toyota prime 2020, I think the filters are on the side of the rear seats right?

Southbay LA says:

I’m going to be filtering my 2020 corolla hybrid fan filter a lot more often now thank you !!!

Alan Riordan says:

Great video, very helpful thanks.

Marcos Gazamanes says:

Corolla Hybrid owner, thank you so much, part and all, thank youuuuu!!!

Joseph Juguilon says:

If it was your hard earned money, would u get a hybrid battery that is lithium or nickel metal hydride?

Michael Jurgielski says:

I had a 2015 Toyota Prius c I would change the oil every 5000 miles and then I would clean the fan screen that one just had a screen in front of the fan I would take the panel off behind the driver seat it was under the back seat passenger side clean the screen off and then put the panel back on it had some plastic clips the kind you have to push the center in and then pull them out that way my screen was always clean and the battery always had fresh clean air like he says in the video do not put anything down in front of the filter Inlet such as bags or anything else you keep in the car it won't allow enough airflow to the battery the battery will overheat and can be damaged

James says:

Awesome video God bless you! Same procedure on my 2019 RAV4 hybrid?

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