How to Replace Headlight Assembly on a 00-06 Toyota Tundra

How to Replace Headlight Assembly on a 00-06 Toyota Tundra

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1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace the broken, damaged, cracked, faded, cloudy, or chipped headlights. This video applies to the 03 Toyota Tundra.

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roboshort72 says:

Thank you so.much…I would have broken the side light prying in the wrong direction

John Smith says:

The video doesn't do a very good job on the side light assembly removal. It would be helpful if the video first showed how it was held in by tabs located on the side lights that actually slides back into the fender. It would then be obvious that the side light assembly needs to be slid fwd a little first before trying to remove so as not to break the tabs on the side light assembly.

Leslie Bishop says:

Thanks for getting in there with the close ups, replacing my 2004 headlamps today.

Roberto Ortiz says:

How do you adjust the headlight? Does anyone know? Or they are ready come set?

Adrian M Beardsong says:

I’m guessing there’s a need to remove the grill, but it’s not hard to figure out? This video starts, seemingly, part of the way through. Good info though.

Al Coholic says:

Very helpful. Thank you for sharing.✌️

ray smith says:

ray smith53 seconds ago (edited)I pulled the clear covers on the turn lts. completely off on my 2004 The clip in front wasn't about to let go. I beat the old headlight out with a hammer and gained complete access. Very satisfying as well!

Albert Boulanger says:

very helpful video thanks

Jon D says:

Do you have a video for lower ball joint replacement for these trucks?

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