How to replace front wheel bearing TOYOTA YARIS XP10 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to replace front wheel bearing TOYOTA YARIS XP10 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to replace / change / install / replacement front wheel bearing / wheel bearing kit / hub bearing / wheel hub bearing on TOYOTA YARIS XP10 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

Top brands that produce wheel bearing: BOSCH, STARK, SACHS, SKF, VAN WEZEL, VALEO, LuK, MAPCO, A.B.S., ATE.

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01:12 — Use a socket №30
01:46 — Use a socket №17
02:52 — Using sidecutting pliers remove the cotter pin
03:17 — Use a combination spanner №17
03:39 — Use a special puller to take the tie rod end out
04:00 — Use an open-end wrench №19
04:32 — Remove the ball joint with a special puller
04:50 — Use a socket №19 and a combination spanner №19
06:10 — Use round nose pliers to take the locking ring out
06:45 — Press out the wheel bearing using a hydraulic press

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Jorge Roman says:

What is the real time from start to end?

Ernesto Villegas says:

Its not that easy as this guy makes it look

Millennmify says:

Usually those lower ball joint won't just pop free with the ball joint separator alone. You have to apply pressure with the ball joint separator than hit the iron that the ball joint stud is inserted into with a hammer. The vibration from hammering along with the pressure applied by the ball joint separator will cause the lower ball joint to separate.

flyonbyya says:

Like he does at the 11:30 mark in the video…
Is it ok to impact the axle nut on. Or is there a recommended torque spec?
I know some GM cars discourage impacting the acme nut

Todd Cott says:

Someone give him a copper faced hammer and a toque wrench for Christmas, great video wel demonstration.

juan peres says:

Men this dude is professional for real

Tailspin80 says:

Not a DIY job. Not for me anyway.

David Cordova says:

No words…just action..!!! Thats great.

vass ilika says:

Nice Tutorial, thumbs up, only thing I didn't like was the steel hammer, I use an Aluminum or Nylon hammer for things like that. Or a piece of hardwood between steel hammer and work piece.

djmips says:

Funny when the wheel nut didn't even turn but then magically came off. Thanks for the video though.

Michael A. Matte says:

that video was awesome !!!!!

Dam Hal says:

Good job. I watched the video after the job for fun. Not easy first time.

peter n says:

6 high priced mechanics gave the video a thumbs down, DIY rules

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