How To Replace Dashboard Light Bulbs On Toyota Corolla 1990 – 2002 #toyotacorolla

How To Replace Dashboard Light Bulbs On Toyota Corolla 1990 – 2002 #toyotacorolla

Replacing the burnt out dashboard light bulbs on a Toyota Corolla is something you can do yourself in a fairly short amount of time. This can save you a costly repair bill and won’t cost you more than the price of a few bulbs. This video walks you through all that is necessary to get the job done quickly and easily! The procedure outlined here is applicable to model years 1990-2002, with very little difference in the required steps.
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NONmedi says:

hey man,
thanks a lot for the video
can you please find me a link on eBay / Ali Express for those bulbs ?
thank you!

Fantastic Gameboy says:

how to I drop my steering?

Mahbub Alam says:

Hey boss, could you please tell what is the bulb model ?

Mario LA says:

Thank you so much

jack ellenberger says:

I'm pretty critical of many youtube videos as they are often absolutely terrible, incorrect info, first timers who don't know squat trying to teach others, horrible photography, the list goes on and on but you seem to have nailed it. I can't find one word of criticism and anyone who has any mechanical aptitude whatsoever should be able to do this. It was truly a pleasure to watch and very easy to understand. You should give lessons to most others on youtube!!!! I'm doing my corolla tomorrow. Thank you.

Elizabeth Marks-Graham says:

Someone needs to show the climate bulbs one of mine burnt out and I can’t find a video for it I think il have to make one for everyone else in my situation

Ed Rosado says:

Excellent video!!

贏嘉 says:

thank you for sharing.

eomyenom1 says:

For LED light replacement is their anything additional one must do?

Jerry Scher says:

Thanks for the video bud. Complete and concise.

Blackie Kane says:

Can this OEM bulbs be replaced with LED's with any problem?? Great video…Thank You

deborah igbalajobi says:

I have a 1998 Toyota Corolla I want to attempt to do this myself . What kind of bulbs should I get ?

Γιωργος Αγνωστος says:

Please ,I need your help! I opened my car's dashboard (Corolla 2003) and it looks like this , so I don't understand how i can change the lights inside. If anyone knows please answer!Thanks!

callahan jason says:

The lights on the left side (temp&gas) went out. I replaced them but they still don't work. So I'm guessing it is a fuse..
*Also my steering wheel is not adjustable so I broke the first piece trying to remove it. Anyone know this parts name so I can look for a replacement?

JosephusXIX says:

Pretty good for doing all that with just one hand (while the other hand is filming).

Bardia Borhani says:

Worked on my 2002 Toyota Corolla! Saved me at least $100. Thanks!

Michael Hittu says:

Does anyone know the official name of that black plastic piece you have to remove before getting to the actual dash?

Alexander Barrera says:

Good video, I hope it's similar to my tercel 1995.

Craig Russell says:

Super helpful, thanks!

dennis miranda says:

What size bulbs

Slim Dog says:

Okay so I just change the dashboard lights in my 99 Corolla went to Canadian tire here in Toronto Canada the guy at the counter looked up for me but they didn’t anything in there system for the dashboard light to I went to alie with bulbs I picked up the sylvania 168 and the 194 long life the one that I used was the 168 and it works well

Alfredo Rivera says:

Is there any videos for a 2005 Toyota Corolla S…?

ThaTyger says:

Awesome, going to have to do this for my fuel gauge. Any clue what happens if you leave the color covers off? Does that make the light white?

Cienna Brown says:

How many lightbulbs are needed?

Leoman Celis says:

Good job! Very straight forward and easy to understand video. I hope you do more

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