How to Replace an AC Compressor in your Car

How to Replace an AC Compressor in your Car

Air conditioning compressor not working? Learn how to properly replace your air conditioning compressor so you can get cold air this summer! I show you how to replace an ac compressor in a Toyota Tacoma but the process is similar for any car or truck. This works for an A/C compressor clutch that wont engage and if you are not getting cold air because the compressor is bad.

AC Manifold Gauges:
Socket Set:
Universal Joint Socket:
Serpentine Belt Tool:
Torque Wrench:
AC Compressor:
Panel Clip Pliers:

How to Find an AC Leak:
How to Properly Charge your AC System:
How to Quick Charge your AC System:
How to Replace an Alternator:

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Tyler Daynes says:

This video saved me about 1000 dollars though it took me 22 hours to do because of other complications that should be expected when you work on your own car, and I am an amateur. But I had lots of time to do it, and not all that much money. Would highly recommend doing it on your own. If I were to do it again I would expect anywhere from 4 to 10 hours depending on the car now that I know exactly what I'm doing. Now my AC blows coooold all thanks to this awesome guide video.

Soulcommander says:

Nice Job Chris….Even though I do not have to replace anything I love watching and learning. You did not skip any steps showing what to do and that is awesome!

Jorge Morales says:

Jesus christ what a great video!!!!

Luis Elias says:

Will this directions work for a Toyota Camry Hybrid 2012? They told me at the auto ship my car has an electronic compressor, without a belt, so I don't know.

Raul Ureste says:

Wonder if you could recommend a video flushing the ac system on a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500? Thanks.

Arkib Ilmu says:

Im curious, do all cars share the same sized compressor?

Starman94 says:

I need to learn to do this on my 1991 S10 4.3

eminemrocks25 says:

Where can I buy the pressure washer seals?

Vang Moua says:

Very good instruction and video. Thank you so much

Erzon says:

good video! tell ,e please how much watt does it take? the compressor?

wayne f says:

awesome video i will be replacing mine ,but will have to bring it to a shop to get it charged

Ronnie Ball says:

Best how to video I’ve ever seen! Great video!

Hakam Abu Gharbieh says:

Hey chris great job …….shouldn’t you change the dryer/filter , i think it’s a must when you change the compressor, also shouldn’t you flush the system as ell thanx

tom walma says:

How did you evacuate old gas? In previous video you charged the system with gas+dye, not to mention the old gas that was already there. I don't see you using a pump to evacuate anything.. Did you just release it into the atmosphere?( Inappropriate and illegal!)

Thang Tons says:

sir, my car i20 ac compressor gives a pressure reading of 40 psi at around 33 degree celsius (or 30 to 38 celsius) on the Low Side with full ac on.

Is this normal reading? if not, would be grateful if you could kindly provide me some kind of pressure readings chart. Soliciting your attention. Thanks.

Jose Ibarra says:

Hey videos are very helpful. Was seeing if you have done one on removing exhaust manifold on your Mazda.

manuel benavidez says:

How can you find out how much pag oil your compressor needs for your car? I'm asking for a friend

Zemroy Clarke says:

Love this teaches me a lot.thank you

Vic Terry says:

Hi good video! Is the only part of the ac system that needs oil the compressor? I’m looking to flush the whole system and refill it with Freon. Any other places I need to add oil at? Thank you!

Efren Saclolo says:

Honda service here in California charges me $2,000 to make my air condition work.After a week it stop working again and they said it needs new evaporator and charged me another $350 .I felt cheated by this Honda dealership here in Lancaster California.

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