How to Install a Ceramic Clutch on a 2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser

How to Install a Ceramic Clutch on a 2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser

This video shows the step-by-step installation of an Exedy Ceramic Clutch, Pressure Plate, and Release Bearing on a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser with a 4.0L V-6 engine. These instructions apply specifically to the 2008 but will also apply to the 2007 through 2014 models as well. Visit us at:



Hymtl Ali says:

How did u install the 4×4 shifter tower . I tried and attached all the bolts it's fit perfectly but when I try to move the stick with out starting the car it doesn't move to shift position . Any tips in that

campeón says:

Es el mejor tutorial que he visto sobre este tema. Gracias por compartir sus conocimientos.

Jeff Chartier says:

I have a 94 toyota pickup that is mostly a weekend warrior and not a daily driver. I want to make it more offroad / hauling capable so is installing a ceramic clutch with 1600lb load rating a good way to go?

k Boylas says:

Question. Is there time the rodaj Clutch and flywheel?

jois miguel maciel de souza Souza says:

eu troco disco de embreagem da minha l200 , tirando o motor, e é muito mais pratico.

callofdutyguy9 says:

Is that transfer case compatible with a 2nd gen Tacoma?

Mundher Al Lawati says:

why is your fj so rusty ..
mine is 2008 and almost rust free

Scott K says:

thank you for posting the video. Shouldn't the orientation on the drive shaft(s) and flanges have been marked or notched prior to removing the bolts. Prior to giving the dealer the truck, I noticed it wasn't done when Toyota replaced the frame. I had to rework it.

Noor Blooch says:

I am changed all redy this ger opan and fiting this is very ezi just I am one parsnd changed this gera

Marco Padilla says:

Great video guys much appreciated!!!!

Bright Obasuyi says:

Thx for this video. Could you show the wire connections on the transfer case

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