How to Fix TOYOTA P0128 Engine Code in 3 Minutes [2 DIY Methods / Only $7.34]

How to Fix TOYOTA P0128 Engine Code in 3 Minutes [2 DIY Methods / Only $7.34]

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Engine Code TOYOTA P0128 Saving Repair Parts:
ECT Sensor:​

This video shows you How to Fix Engine Code TOYOTA P0128 in the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way. 2 practical solutions to fix the TOYOTA P0128 error code. 2 simple DIY solutions to repair TOYOTA P0128.

Engine Code TOYOTA P0128: Coolant Thermostat Malfunction. his means that after starting the engine the powertrain control module has detected that the engine has not reached the required temperature level within a specified amount of time. How to inspect the ECT Sensor. How to replace the ECT sensor. How to Use a Multimeter. coolant temperature sensor. engine coolant temperature sensor. Jiggle Valve. How to replace the thermostat. Tips and tricks for replacing the Thermostat in your car and fixing code TOYOTA P0128.

Fix Engine Code TOYOTA P0128 Easy DIY Method A | The ECT sensor
1. Inspect the ECT Sensor
2. Replace the Oxygen Sensor

Fix Engine Code TOYOTA P0128 Easy DIY Method B | The Thermostat
1. Remove the Used Thermostat
2. Install a new Thermostat

The components displayed in this video are generic components that may not apply to all TOYOTA vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers may use manufacturer-specific components that are different from the ones shown in this video.

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0:00 What is TOYOTA P0128
0:40 Method A – The ECT Sensor
1:18 Method B – The Thermostat
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