How to fix fuel tank door opening system Toyota Camry

How to fix fuel tank door opening system Toyota Camry

How to fix fuel tank door opening system Toyota Camry. Inside handle and grip fix and also wire fix.



Nancy Maher says:

My 2008 Toyota Camry gas door won't close. It stays open. Ugh

Georges Fayad says:

Hello there
While trying to open my fuel tank with the fuel release of my Toyota fortuner 2016, the release was displaced and I found the handle in my hand
How can I assemble the handle again in its place?
Thank you

JAIME says:

great video Peter! Thank you! you just save me a couple hundred dollars in repairs…

Roosevelt Wolfe says:

Peter does this apply with the Toyota Avalon as well cause my fuel door does want to open

David Warutere says:

Thanks but seems i did not quite understand. What exactly was the cause of the sticky cover? Was there dirt in the spring? I only saw you opening then closing the whole thing.My Toyota Camry 2001 has a problem with the tank not opening.

best comment says:

what is that little metal door called, where the gas goes in.

M Boyd says:

After 6 minutes and 12 seconds, I'd seen enough to dig into my '01 4Runner. Sure enough, the pulley system was packed with dirt, thus preventing the fuel door bolt from returning to the locked position. Some WD40 did the trick and now all is well. Thank you, Peter!

Walter Brody says:

Bravo! Bravo! My kind of DIY guy!

Larry Hecht says:

Thanks. This helped me with my 1995 Avalon. I replaced the fuel filler pipe, then had a problem with the fuel tank door not opening.

CthulhuBob Lovely says:

Where can I find a replacement fuel tank door for a 1993 Toyota Camry 4-door XLE? The door was frozen shut and, like an idiot, I pried it open, breaking off the wedge-like thingy that I assume the pull cable goes into.

Sandra Nallely says:

1996 Toyota Avalon XLS has this same setup.

Tom Tan says:

what's that door opening pin called? mine got broke by theft and can't open it…huge gap between…my camry's pin is flat I think that's y i can't close it….where can i get this

West Springfield says:

My fuel cap metal covering for the gasoline cap access will not open when I lift the cabin gas lever for my 1999 Camry. I am nearly out of gas and need to use my car. Please Help!! thank you

Ruijie Liu says:

Very useful information. I will fix my sienna, so the driver sliding door can open

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