Here's Why Toyota Screwed Up

Here's Why Toyota Screwed Up

Here’s Why Toyota Screwed Up, DIY and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Here’s why Toyota got rid of the FJ Cruiser SUV and why it had problems. Is the Toyota FJ Cruiser reliable? Is the Toyota FJ Cruiser the best SUV ever made? The truth about the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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saad alsaif says:

FJ 2019 arrived to GCC

Brian Castillo says:

The epic introoooo!!!

Nidaa vlogs says:

Congratulations on that dope intro

Aleksi Esko says:

i heard that scotty kilmer is god

Ryan M says:

I commute 80 miles a day to work in a 2008 FJ cruiser. $30 of gas every 2 days. Am I crazy? lol

Brill Saint says:

Hey Scott, what your view on a toyota kluger 2001

Sami Khamis says:


xRedRevengerx says:

4 cylinder isn’t gonna pull the same in the mountains where I live. A 4 cylinder would be the biggest waste of money.

Cripple guy says:

The earlier REAL FJ was a lot better if you were serious about off roading . Kinda like a Japanese army Jeep . And not a soccer mom toy….

DiogenesofSinope1 says:

Problem with the FJ Cruisers was horrible visibility out the windows.

_Suburban_ says:

Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards from the government set standards for economy. Compliance is _mandatory_, not _voluntary_.

(Yeah, I know the italic tags don't work around punctuation. Google apparently has no interest in fixing this bug)

Bret Van Zanten says:

Scotty, what is your thought on the Nissan Titan Diesel XD with the Cummings Engine and Aisin transmission?

Joseph Whiskey Beale says:

Toyota should build a 2 door 4Runner.

Really Old Soul says:

Love the new intro but please speed it up I’m trying to get to you talking and I’m too lazy to forward 10 seconds

Paul La Croix says:

Vision on those fj cruisers is terrible. A very common complaint. Like trying to drive in an airplane.

Whistle Blower1 says:

2007 Toyota Avalon limited?

Chouun Shiryu says:

Japan , except Subaru , decided to killed off all performance line ups…..

Osaz says:

That's not true. The FJ cruiser is still being manufactured in Japan but it doesn't get exported to the US. Here in Saudi Arabia they are still being sold newly although the design hasn't changed. Even the government are using the FJ cruiser in police patrol vehicles. It's so widely popular here in Saudi my father even has one.

camdog says:

Those fj cruisers are total garbage lol. They lool like a cross between a jeep and a hummer. Toyota still make land cruisers. But not like these.

Anders Nielsen says:

Considering the way many people are driving it certainly would be a catastrophe for them to be flying.

Bite Me says:

I've got a 2011 FJ Cruiser 4 by 4 that I brought brand new in 2011….. my wife got sick and I took care of her 24 hours a day and then I became disabled…. it's got a grand total of 12 1/2 thousand miles on it and has sat protected in the garage. It's one hell of a vehicle!

Fahim Masud says:

Scotty suggest me a car . It has to reliable, fun , fast and it has to be a family sedan . Money doesn’t matter .

Zachary Agee says:

Hey just became a dad and I need to upgrade my truck, what would you reccomend for a good pickup with two rows of seats?

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