Here’s Why the New Toyota MR2 is Going to Suck

Here’s Why the New Toyota MR2 is Going to Suck

Here’s Why the New Toyota MR2 is Going to Suck, DIY and car repair with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Toyota has plans to make a new MR2 that’s going to be a hybrid car or full electric car. It may have the name MR2 but it’s going to be nothing like the original Toyota MR2. Does Toyota still make reliable cars? Should I buy a new Toyota MR2? Future Toyota car designs. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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athletejmv says:

Just a name? I understand that the name carries over, but it has to do with design concept, style, class of vehicle, etc. MR2 toyota Spyder was a compact two passenger car? So guess what? This new MR2 will be just that, hence the name carry over. The 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma, almost a completely different truck from the 2nd gen; unless you get the 4 cyl… then at least the motor is close to same as the previous gen, not much else other than frame design (not so much materials).

Tornado Of Souls says:

Electric Cars are BOOOOORINGGGG

David Jacobs says:

You know, I have one simple request, and that is to have Celicas with frikin Gatling guns attached to their hoods !!!

nathanicon97 says:

Nooooo not shade on the mr2 please scotty , sw21 owner here. Mid engine Toyota that's what an mr2 should be. Not electric or hybrid, it needs that noise behind the ears.
It should be brought back with a modern camry 4 cylinder. "Under powered" but fun as hell like a miata.

Baxter Stockman says:

My brother had a Nissan 350 ZX 50th anniversary model in the late 90s second hand and the electronics were shot from day one. Eventually the air flow meter failed and it sat in my dad's yard for 10 years and then a tree fell on it. Still sitting there. Going cheap if anyone is interested 😉

Weston Anderson says:

Mr2 cost the same as a Supra…? For why!?

Rick Gabrys says:

did you see that Lee Iacocca passed on Scotty he is the father to the Ford Mustang back in the day Ford were selling em quicker than they could make em RIP Mr. Iacocca in car heaven…

xxmobstrxx 853 says:

Toyota is gonna pull a Mitsubishi and make the MR2 the complete opposite of what the car actually was

Jake Friesen says:

Hey Scotty the air condition on my 2001 escape will only work if my car is ideling it will not work if I drive.

al ex says:

There will be a genration in which there will be two sides the all eltric 2050 cars vs the gas 1913-2030 asumming every body will be driving eltric by 2030

Tom Nelson says:

Why not a "thumb print" starting device with a pin back up–like my IPhone????

Tony Montana says:

I'd rather have a Corolla or Civic than any car that costs $45k

PooPipeBoy says:

Wait, wait, lemme guess! Will it be a re-badged Lotus Evora?

Barack Obama says:

Sounds like my 92 mr2 is gonna go up in value!

Jhon Dough says:

Yo is no one going to question the cat head lol

Corbin H. says:

Missle launcher would be nice

Elliott Fibonacci says:

The new Supra could have been a legend! Instead it's just another BMW.

Phillip Cunningham says:

Like really all these auto companies are laughing at how they can make anything a some body will buy it.


My only real gripe with the new Supra is how it looks. Too much going in the front end, looking all crazy and such. Coulda made it a throwback to the old Supra. Oh well.

ChuChuTrain says:

Idk cant agree with you Scotty on this one true it is a name but just like shoes cars change and with new technology and a new era rn i cant hate if the MR2 is a hybrid or full ev cuz thats what ppl want

Iroquois Pliskin says:

It could be cool. Electric is the new normal powertrain and would be faster. MR2 formula =lightweight 2seater+fairly reliable+good gas mileage(range on an ev, the energy is way cheaper and cleaner)+balanced RWD setup+affordable to daily. If the new one does that it’s fine but it may miss 1-2.
Hard to make it look worse than the last MR2 but the first couple body’s were nice IMO.

rob379 says:

Hiya Scotty, and offer you $27 for your Scotty-Cat! I can pay cash now Scotty! And half the shipping to me!

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