Here's Why I Hate My Toyota Matrix

Here's Why I Hate My Toyota Matrix

Here’s Why I Hate My Toyota Matrix, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Toyota Matrix review. Why the Toyota Matrix is a good and bad car. Everything you need to know about the Toyota Matrix. The truth about the Toyota Matrix. Why the Toyota Matrix is one of the best and worst cars ever made. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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1. Common Sense
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I’ve been an auto mechanic for the past 51 years and I’m here to share my knowledge with you. Everything related to cars, how they work, how to fix them, and a lot of funny stuff in between. Never any sponsored content, just the truth!

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AngelTheFiend says:

Endless money pit

Rong Pei says:

Loool , Scotty, did you say 220k = 22k lmfao

Jesus Quezada says:

And its really a zippy car to drive

Jesus Quezada says:

My negative about my Matrix not enough cargo space.

Black Swan says:

2:00 Scotty, I met a fabulous woman named Liz Taylor. Only 6 husbands (so far)? Shall I marry her?
Scotty: I would be very suspicious of a woman who has gone thru 6 husbands already! Get a competent mechanic (GP) to check her out. Computerized scan tools. The odometer may have been tampered with. Check whether the front bumpers have been "siliconed"

D4x4Bronc says:

Guess every car on the road with 200k really only has 20k miles

Rusheen Bay101 says:

That volvo is 11 years old, I don't know of anyone who keeps their cars (unless a classic car) for 11 years, especially new cars so it's no surprise that it could have 3 owners. 3 old previous owners perhaps.

Andrew Flores says:

Isn't the matrix the same body as a Ct200h? And the Scion IM?

L Q says:

I love my 2006 Matrix. I gave my wife my Lexus GS300 after I married her and bought the Matrix. Since 2006, I had never have to drive more than 8 miles a day forth and back from work. For the last 1 year, I have to drive 71 miles a day forth and back from work. I gave up and bought a 2019 Hyunday Kona EV. I can't go back to the lawn mower of the Matrix for work anymore. I can feel every bump on the road in that car. Because of the loud engine/tires/wind noise, I have to really crank up the radio to listen to the news. It's not like that because it is old, it has always been like that since day 1. However, I am still keeping my Matrix for out of state driving for my photography hobby. I can sleep in the back of my Matrix by myself comfortably. Never need motel for my 1 to 2 weeks photography trips. I have been traveling through many states with my Matrix. Travel alone like a hobo is very relaxing.

foreshadow20 says:

What is the best (reliable for a long time) manual transmission sports car to buy today (new or used under 45K Canadian)? Either for summer drive or 4 Canadian seasons.

snakevergil says:

Please make the next video why you hate your celica

yungaura says:

he finds some great photos

john obina says:

Scotty: just kidding i love it

Bo Darville says:

I drove a Toyota Matrix from Fresno California to Spokane Washington and back. It made the trip just fine.

thecarexpert21 says:

Did this guy really just suggest that someone supercharge their civic?

michael cook says:

Lada lada! You mast be votchink garage54 bylat!

yuezhtj says:

I am considering to buy a seven or eight seats SUV. Should I buy a Toyota Highlander or Honda Pilot? Should I buy a used one? Thank you.

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