DIY Wireless Charger Install In Toyota Tacoma

DIY Wireless Charger Install In Toyota Tacoma

New Tacomas have wireless charging built in, so of course I didn’t want to be left behind! So I installed my own wireless charger in my truck. It was a pretty easy process and only took about an hour or two to fully install. Make sure to test the circuits you are going to use and ensure that they only give power to the charger when the vehicle is turned on (such as the ACC circuit), that way your battery isn’t ran down while the vehicle isn’t running. Leave any questions in the comment section down below, and don’t forget to subscribe!

**CORRECTION: Wireless charging has been around since 2012, the Lumia 920 had it, as well as the Nexus 4. My mistake**


Wireless Charger:


**The Add-A-Circuit should match the same type of fuse that you vehicle uses. The one linked above matched the 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma, and maybe newer, but verify what type you have before you buy the Add-A-Circuit**

12V Power Socket:

**You won’t need the fuse included with the socket as you are already putting an extra fuse in with the add-a-circuit**

Car Charger (Anker):

Extra Wire:



Steve Field says:

This is actually a really good video! Ive just bought a brand new 2018 mk2 ford ecosport, and weirdly it doesn't have wireless charging, i mean there is a place to put your phone and there is a usb port beside it that connects to the sync3 infotainment system, however, it also works fine using bluetooth, so having a wireless charging area would be perfect, and seeing this video gives you more confidence in being able to fit the system in place! Well done on the video, i came to your channel from jerry rig, and subscribed to you! Keep up the good work!

Sou Illuminat says:

Very good video. It is one of the tech videos I am probably gonna do myself. GJ

Saul Mercado Solis says:

I've been wanting to do something similar just different truck.

Ramon Bejarano says:

Hola. Saludos vengo por Zack 🙂

FE59FE59 says:

Great idea! Why didn't I think of that?

Le Wenth says:

Wow thats good…

Ben Whittle says:

The Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 all had wireless charging built in long before the Samsung Galaxy S6. I'm sure there are others as well.

Abraham Al- HatMi says:

I don't own a Tacoma
I don't care about wireless charging
AND here I am

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Andro Punk says:

I have no idea why I'm here but great Video buddy!


looks easy enough. Now I need to go buy a Tacoma.

Brian Aguilera says:

This is really cool. I may have to give it a try.

Hexlattice says:

Galaxy 6 was the first?! Do your research. My Nexus 4 had it.

Elijah Waite says:

I also thought of a solve for this problem.

Get a cord.

baconcaptan 42 says:

I bet what he edited on he just discoverd how to add arrows in his video then he used it

Woomera says:

a suggestion, add another usb cable and bring it out of the console in case you wanna use it to charge something else up. that extra usb slot on card charger is not being used 😀

Men in black says:

Nice video, would rather see this in trending than any logan paul videos

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trending is SO BROKEN

gadgetsystem says:

kind of want to do this in my car .

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JerryRigEverything brought me here


JerryRigEverything brought me if u also are..

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Why is a video from last year trending?

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