Day in the Life of a Japanese Car Repair Worker in Toyota

Day in the Life of a Japanese Car Repair Worker in Toyota

Living in Japan and working in a traditional Japanese office environment. This is a Toyota day in the life of a Japanese Auto Repair Shop worker, 30 year old, Erina. This is also a Japanese office tour inside of a Japanese auto repair shop in Toyota. We start this very typical day in her Japanese home, commute via Toyota car to her Toyota car repair shop. This is a day in the life of Erina and we get to see her with co-workers and Japanese mechanics in how they work in Japan. This is a peak into Japanese work culture as well as the work culture in Japan. We see her typical working hours in Japan and how it is working in Japan as a female in her position also known as a Japanese office lady, Japanese OL or Japanese salary woman. Her day in the life in Japan may be a bit different than some Japanese salarymen, but her experiences in the office and auto repair shop is quite common for Japanese employees in her position. The Japanese auto repair shop is also pretty common in terms of work-life. If anythings, the car repair shop is a very traditional office in Japan with Rajio Taiso, cleaning and work ethic. So all in all, this is an example of Japan life as well as Japan countryside life if you were to work in a traditional Japanese company. You should always be aware of Japanese culture when working in a Japanese office.

Aiho Denki

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Paolo fromTOKYO says:

Let me know what other jobs you'd like to see.
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阿娘威! 一個人要做這麼多 日本勞工還真累 XD

Omar Baksh says:

Love her lil car 🙂

Blank Tabagan says:

i though they only do rajio taiso in anime haha

Winnie The Pooh says:

So, this young girl is essentially the mother to about 12 men. Feed them, clean up after them, run their errands and do their homework!

William Martinez says:

Thank you for the video. I really enjoy watching life in Japan

Gene Belcher says:

SCOTTY where are you? Where is your comment?

Nila says:

She's the office clerk, not a car repair worker. But good video nonetheless.

Sandler23 says:

They were looking at that Porsche engine like "Ok, how the heck do we fix the AC on this beast?"

jkeener1988 says:

Great, except for the smoking

OP O says:

I hope there will be more of these type of videos. Such an interesting look at Japanese working culture!

Silver Sparticus says:

This easily could of been a PhD research project for you. Giving people ideas. Thanks for this great interesting video. Overall, humans are very alike, but Easterner are more mindfulness of others and more filial piety.

Sal Balakrishnan says:

radiating her brain all night with her cell phone. she does not look healthy

Ying Chiu Luk says:

I would like to see how the technicians' days are.

rachel says:

12:13 omg the dog

rachel says:

She is awesome

OG ThC says:

no wonder the economy is stagnant, businesses still using paper and not that many automation of easy processes.

Wayne Wisecarver says:

when i lived in Japan in 1968 to 1971, those little three wheeled trucks were everywhere!

Sponsored By IKEA says:


meow says:

“It’s an anime car, What do you think?”

Fucking yikes

alexandergoldman says:

Hmm, watching morning TV news @ 1:35? Japan allows in-car dash systems to play video in the car WHILE DRIVING? That's not cool…thought Japan would be smarter than this..

章ウ一 says:

What time do people wake up honestly? How do you wake up and have time to take showers? I put my body on my bed at 12 midnight and roll around until 2:00AM or 3:00AM before finally falling asleep usually. I've even heard people wake up and go for a jog, then shower, then eat breakfast, then go to work. They must fall asleep at 6:00pm every night and wake up at 4:00AM.

Lizzie A. says:

I really love this episode and enjoy these day in a life videos. Hope you are able to make more.

revampted says:

I wish I can work at Japanese Auto Shop, seem pretty nice compared to the regular auto shop, you gotta have a good relationship with the sales tech to get the good paying jobs.

uruglytoo says:

i thought she was sweet and innocent and here she is smoking a grit….lol

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