Change rubber blade only of Toyota windshield wiper, use force to un-stuck old blade

Change rubber blade only of Toyota windshield wiper, use force to un-stuck old blade

You can change just the rubber-blade insert of the Toyota windshield wiper to save money and reduce waste. Push hard to un-stuck the old blade (1:01). I do this for my family’s Prius, Corolla, and Yaris 2014-2015 cars. It’s similar for many other Toyota models.

To remove the wiper, pry up the little rectangular tab and then pull the whole wiper down, out of the metal “U” in which it is mounted. Reinstallation is the reverse of removal.

To change just the rubber blade, push the old rubber blade out — it might take some force to get it past the little metal tab that fits in the rubber notch on the end (1:01).

Take the two metal edges and insert them into the thin grooves on the new rubber blade. Thread the new blade onto the blade holder and reinstall the wiper.

Shop around to get a better price. I paid $12 at my local Toyota dealer but only $7 at Toyota dealer in another city (Roseville Toyota). I had to pay shipping but it was still a lot less.



Neal Metler says:

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J Hill says:

Very good vid. Couple of things to add. The metal tension inserts transfered from the old to new wiper inserts have a positioning 
notch on one end of each that fits over a little a plastic hump in the wiper blade assembly. Keeps us from inserting them incorrectly. Toyota and Honda both use this technique. #2 Never throw away the Toyota (or Honda) wiper blade assembled that came with the car from the factory. Their special and other just don't work as well. Same for the rubber wiper inserts. Similar to only using Toyota OEM oil and air filters (cabin and engine) that you personally bought from a Toyota Dealer parts department. It's sad but everything else has to be assumed to be China fakes. Just by changing the oil every 6,000 miles (or 6-months) you can get 300,000 to 400,000 miles out of a new Toyota if you want to.  If you have and Independent garage changing your oil vs the Toyota Dealer give them the Toyota OEM oil filter and or the engine and cabin air filter that you bought. Also ask them to use high quality "full" synthetic motor oil.

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Dimitar Dimitrov says:

The best tutorial on the subject matter. Sincere thanks!

Morten Damm says:

This was an amazing video, so simple and concise. Thank you for sharing.

marcjtdc says:

Ok thanksbperfect. I'm doing this today on my 18 prius. I bought these for 10 each from dealer (I love it They have my vin correct parts always). The originals lasted 2 years. Probably should have cleaned them more. Take care.

YourDreams2Reality says:

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