Car Tech – Can Toyota make the new 2015 Camry XSE sexy?

Car Tech – Can Toyota make the new 2015 Camry XSE sexy?
Toyota redesigns one of the world’s best-selling cars from the ground up with a bold new look and a sporty new trim level.




i like! looks great!

Carson James IV says:


Allen N. says:

I love Toyota but jeez, the back of this car is not that great, neither is the front but it isn't nearly as bad. I'll take a 2014 SE V6 over this any day.

M A says:

I am glad they got rid of the awful plastic looking chrome fog light inserts from the 2014 XLE.  They were a painfully stupid design afterthought.  I am curious what the front of the 2015 version will look like with a license plate on it though.  My guess is NOT good at all.  In addition, the XSE looks better than the XLE, but I will probably want the features of the XLE.  Unfortunately, the XLE's grill looks like it has a fat lip.  While I prefer the XSE's looks, it would still look better if the grill frame was body color and only the mesh was black.  Finally, the plastic near the C pillar of the new model is stupid looking.

Zarkon says:

toyota has known for their quality and reliability. they are not known for their looks. out of all the camry's, the camry se 2007-2014 is the nicest looking ones. now this new one? yes its UGLY hehe

Ray Nelson says:

The way he was talking its not a Beautiful car and  its not an ugly car but if your soo worried about this new XSE just get an avalon they look the same and will have the same maybe more recalls than ever before 

Desu VR says:

He's right about one thing, it is anything but boring… on the outside. Interior looks incredibly bland for a 2015, but functional I'm sure. It sure ain't SEXY though, the Corolla's got that.

saif mahmoud says:

dammmm sooo ugly alway the camry ugly 

小锦燊 says:

i want cooley pleasssee

N ThGhost says:

ecth le e looooooooooooool

Tony Tyson says:

Why do people complain about the Toyota Camry? I bought a 2007 Camry XLE V6 3.0. It was a great car the resale value was really high. I was able to trade it in for a 2013 Toyota Camry SE V6..Best decision I ever made considering I was eyeing a Ford Fusion. I've always had bad luck with Ford, GM and Dodge. .Soon as they reach 100.000 miles they turn to junk…they have no value. ..Toyota is in line with Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar. The only difference is the maintenance cost are low on a Toyota… Hell the Mercedes 2013 Mercedes Benz C Class don't have the options my Toyota has..

jayrgel23 says:

People will never be satisfied anyway.. Even what the 2050 camry will offer us… Or any other car maker or a particular model.. Let's just respect someone's choice.. Just buy a car you think which is best for you, besides, Everyone else has their own preference..

Andrey Ivanov says:

Toyota for me always been: Old people reliable  conservative appliances/car

nanochase says:

When will this big grille design fad be over?
All this black plastic ages so poorly.

kevin benedek says:


Jaiizwaii says:

Can't wait to test drive.

AW says:

Ugly indeed

Gary H. says:

I never saw any spy shots of this new camry. they really kept this under wraps.

Benito Louis says:

Looks like a dodge dart

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