Suzuki Vitara Front Brake Pad Replacement

Suzuki Vitara Front Brake Pad Replacement

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Keeper Of The Reaper says:

R.I.P he died from his jack giving out and falling on him

Paul .O Neill says:

Nice, that saves bout €100!

All trades says:

Next time try taking the bottom bolt off the caliper that way you don't have it falling down and pinching your fingers

Tonia Lee says:

This is the car I have and im so happy to see how easy it is!

Zezmer Cooper says:

I was always taught to change the pads out one by one so the old one would hold the clips up

BOOTSandGEAR says:

Did it. Thanks. Needed to compress the piston some more. Just used an ordinary G clamp and a piece of metal to bridge across the piston.

Giovanni Gomez says:

Is it the same or similiar to a 2007?

Jay Lopez says:

Shame on you for not lubing the pins, replacing mounting clips, and using grease on the back of the pads.

Steven Lovett says:

Thank you, as I have done other vehicles, just not a Vitara. EZ-PZ

Gary Barton says:

Thanks, it looks really easy and quick, fingers crossed!

T Gee says:

you saved me 350 bucks….excellent video

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