Replacing the Clutch on a Suzuki Samurai

Replacing the Clutch on a Suzuki Samurai

In this video I’ll be showing ya’ll how to replace the clutch on a Suzuki Samurai. As well as showing you some upgrades that can be done while you’ve got the transmission out of the truck.

Dr. Z’s HD Transmission Mount:

Petroworks High Performance Clutch:

Video that explains proper driveshaft angles and phasing:

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Der Werkstattdino says:

Hello, realy nice Video. unfortunatly in english. Best Regards from Germany 🙂

Gabriele Mattia Tedesco says:

nice video and very lovely suzuki !!

outdoorsey fun says:

Hello there I have a 1994 Suzuki Sidekick 4 wheel drive 16 valve I'm having problems shifting into my gears after about 30 minutes I can shift and it'll run but it's just gets hard to shift into the gears what can that be? I would be very grateful for any help here to steer me the right way.

J h says:

Definitely the best samurai channel on YouTube. Keep it up, love the videos!

Rangerscott says:

When the tranny is off, I highly recommend replacing the brass bushings for the throwout bearing fork rod. They're usually worn. Also replace the brass bushing in the rear tranny tail. It really helps getting rid of the slop in the intermediate shaft.

Small Town says:

What product did you use to paint your dash with?

el pelon de las motos says:

excellent explanation…

el pelon de las motos says:

hi men, im starting suzuki samurai proyect and i may be need some support with some issues too technicals, for example can you explain how to buy and instal holley 5200 carb. and what is the measure jetting please!!!

im sorry my english is empiric jaja.

MrLouthguy says:

With a thin piece of string tie the back plate through the engine lower bolt hole on each side. Lube the gearbox shaft end and it will enter no problem.

Zak Kimo says:

Est ce que c'est possible de remplacer moteur suzuki 3 cylindre 12 v par un autre moteur Suzuki alto 4cylindres 16 V ?
MERCI pour votre conseil .

Esteban Jimenez says:

Thank you from Costa Rica, I was able to change my clush in my Samurai by myself.

ARCA9E says:

I’m running the same clutch on my 1.6 16v swapped Samurai, makes a huge difference and doesn’t slip at all when you give it the beans

Bill Smith says:

Excellent, I have to do my 1987 soon. I will keep this for when I start…….thanks

The Last Emperor says:

24:28 And here is the time you learn how to swear.

nw8000 says:

What is a speedy seal?

Kevin Smith says:

Can you do a video on how to adjust the clutch cable and troubleshoot that? I'm wondering if I need a new clutch or if I just need to adjust the cable? Thanks great vids by the way I had to subscribe!

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