Led headlights install how to suzuki gsxr 600

Led headlights install how to suzuki gsxr 600


wahiawabound808 says:

I rather have the led's then HID's they are just so messy with all the ballast and wires. However I do have one question I don't have the headlight adapter for the low beam does it come with that adapter from the factory.

daniel ordaz says:

Can I get the link too those

wuurks says:

what's the wire going down the middle of your handlebars?

Ladell P says:

Are you installing the headlight? Or are you installing the Bulb?

Aryss Peralta says:

I’m sure it’s the same way for a 08 but is it the same bulb?

Deadpool.750 says:

I can’t even get past the first step this odometer will not pop out easy like yours..

Crios Jr Munnings says:

Watching this dude perform this in 13 minutes still knowing it will take me 2 hours.

John Do says:

if you remove the cluster ? it not gonna reset everything?

JcruzGSXR says:

Links for the bulbs ?

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