How to Replace Shocks on Suzuki Kizashi

How to Replace Shocks on Suzuki Kizashi

How tot replace the rear shocks on a 2012 Suzuki Kizashi SLS AWD




Door Alters says:

Can you give me all tools I will need to change the shock absorber in Suzuki kizashi 2012 please…

John Henry Dale says:

Looks like you got teh KYB Excel-G correct? Did you notice any difference between OEM rear shocks and the KYBs?

danny iskandar says:

Hi Jeff, thank you for this. How do i know the shock need to be replaced? is it knocking sound? what happens if you don't replace it?

lattiana321 says:

Do you know where to get front axles for a 2010 suzuki kizashi?

pollorobot69 says:

Very Good Video Thanks For Posting

David Porter says:

Thanks. I really appreciate the efforts everyone has put into making the knowledge we need available! That's community!

AS Foronda says:

Thanks for this video, I was able to change my own rear shocks alone. KYB shocks are available here, bump stops are available from the Suzuki dealers here. I wonder if you can help me out on Kizashi's engine mounts, particularly the rear one. I was able to replace the other three except the rear one. Unfortunately, I'm working on the ground 'cause I don't a hydraulic hoist. So, removing and replacing the rear one is my current concern. I hope you could help me here. Thanks for all your videos on Kizashi.

vvilliam77 says:

Is the metal ring an absolute must to put back onto the new shock or can you just put the sleeve on and then secure the top part with the new bolt? Can get a spare from the dealer, but expensive for a washer at £12 GBP Unless maybe you know the size of the washer and if a generic one will suit?

Mariana Makayla says:

Will you make a video of how to change the wheel bearing on he 2010 Suzuki Kizashi? And also what do you recommend for a fuel injector cleaner

Jeffery Wayne says:

The new Bump stop is in the description of the video now

Mariana Makayla says:

What is the yellow padding on the rear shocks? Mine are worn out bad, do I need to replace them?

Zach P says:

Are all four shocks the same process to install?

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