How To Replace Fork Seals on a Suzuki DR650

How To Replace Fork Seals on a Suzuki DR650

Tearing into the forks of a motorcycle can seem like too big of a job for a lot of people. But learning how to replace them yourself will save you tons of time and money over the course of owning your bike. In this video, Justin shows the proper steps to replacing the fork seals on a Suzuki DR650.

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jcoreyburns says:

Great video, very clear!! Thanks.

Austen Larson says:

I've rebuilt the forks with the cogent springs and emulator and replaced the bushings/ oil seal and dust seals but my right fork is squeaking still and when I open the top cap there are metal slivers. Any idea as to what my problem could be? I've checked each time to make sure my emulator is seated properly on top of the dampener rod. I took her on a ride today and the seal started leaking again. I'm at a loss now as I've torn the things apart five times.

Jimo368 says:

It would also be a good opportunity to upgrade the forks.

Silentbobz28 says:

You can use an allen socket on a 1/2 inch drive x 14 inch extension vs buying the tusk tool.

joe Doyle says:

Awesome! Would I need that tool for the DR-z 400 as well?

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