How to install an Android head unit into your car + Seicane head unit review

How to install an Android head unit into your car + Seicane head unit review
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My head unit:

So here’s a detailed install and review video of my Seicane Android head unit for my daily driven Suzuki SX-4.

In the video you can see how to install the unit as well as an in-depth look at all the features. The video covers the USB input, bluetooth connectivity, screen mirroring, obd2 dials and gauges on the head unit using the torque app and more.

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Gabriel Santos Reis says:

Too bad that there is no shipment to Brazil!

Luis Silva says:

Gracias por este vídeo, fue de mucha ayuda para configurar el mando al volante en mi radio android para mi SX4-2011.

The Black Circle says:

Hell of an intro LOL

NiGHTSaturn says:

A Future Funk fan! Amazing. I usually rock that intro song you selected in my car hahaha. I’ll get my headunit soon. I sincerely hope it’ll be ok!

Jaguar Paw says:

Man I have 2 question. I see you have SUZUKI car, i have also but different one, so I want to know, can you plug in 2 cameras on that new android? I already have one in the back for parking, but I would want to have one more in the front, because it is a suv so I don't see very good in the front when I try to park in tight spaces. Also I want to know, can you plug in TPMS sensors on that android, i have those in my tires, but I would like to have it on the big screen, if you know that information? Thank you.

Swinub_ Hoftap says:

My mom has a 2008 Suzuki SX4

Aron Mortimer says:

Will I keep my parking sensors

Marc-Aurèle Filion says:

Hello, i'm a bit worried about the performance since this only has 1gb of RAM, how is it holding up after a few months?
Thanks and nice video! 😀

VelociPat says:

What I find amusing is the fact that the only people who have problems with Seicane Android screens are people who connect iPhones to it thinking that it'll work flawlessly. Android and Apple products will rarely play nice together.

Diego Rojas says:

Thank you, I wanted to ask If someone can help me, my sx4 pannel has some rattling in the front ventilation (windshield area). Is it hard to dissasembly and put foam in this area? Did someone try to make this? Or reduce the rattling somehow? Big thanks.

Ika says:

dobar video!

MrFreshchico says:

Thanks for the video. Have the same 08 Suzuki sx4 bro. I'm very tempted on buying this, what would be some complains it changes you could make? Also do you have time pay for internet? Thank you in advance for your answer.

Yo Yo says:

Omg finally a YouTuber with 1gb head unit, all the other YouTubers have a 4gb or higher unit so seicane is misleading people by giving those youtubers a free better unit to review. people have said the 1gb unit are buggy and slow. I ordered one without knowing these facts, it's still on shipping status…..How is your unit holding up, do you have any issue. Is it slow and laggy And does it freeze. Instead of the 9inch unit likes yours I have the 10inch unit but it's the same specs as yours.

Eliyanto Chong says:

Can u teach me how to open the AC Vent?
Whether need open the Audio first?

Jamiel Brown says:

Does is still work beacuse another guy uplaoded a video and his stop working after about a month

Eirik Pedersen says:

Loved your video mate. Can I ask you, which model/year sx4 do you have? I just bought a 2006, do you think this will fit?

Oz NeTZeR says:

How is the system? R U happy with the system you got ?

ryunker73 says:

Great video! I am considering buying this unit. How is it holding up for you? Any issues with it yet? Some reviews of Seicane products are negative. So I am curious about its durability/quality. Thank you!

Alex Post says:

Holy crap that thing is insane. Just ordered one for my 09 sx4

Aleana sara sasha Fill says:

Cute guy.. his voice kinda remind me of Mrs. Bean

assaf gazit says:

what about a microphon ?

Steve Roe says:

I installed an Eincar 7.1 double din looks almost the same but horrible company DO NOT BUY FROM EINCAR

gabriel1985666 says:

Can the Aux cord go just like the USB ports?

Review HAHAHIHI says:

can i bought and send to indonesia bro?

Bruce G says:

Is this an Android 6? That’s all I see on the web for SX4, (that’s what I own also) would love this unit if it were android 8

FDMtech says:

Thanks. I’m about to replace the head unit for my girls aunty. Which is a Suzuki SX4 ‘08. Very helpful video.

Zorflax Gnomechild says:

I would be so irresponsible with this

greato80 says:

Also, can u answer and receive phone calls through it? Talk hands free?

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