How to Build a Suzuki Quadzilla LT500R Engine | 1987 – 1990 Full Build Step by Step

How to Build a Suzuki Quadzilla LT500R Engine  | 1987 – 1990 Full Build Step by Step

How to Build a Suzuki Quadzilla LT500R Engine | 1987 – 1990 Full Build Step by Step
#2stroke #lt500r #quadzilla


0:00 – Intro


1:02 – Crank Installation
3:34 – Transmission Installation
4:32 – Shift Drum/Forks/Detent
8:02 – Center Case Assembly
10:40 – Shift Cam Bolt
11:23 – Sprocket/Countershaft


12:02 – Counter Balancer
12:30 – Stator/Flywheel Assembly


15:12 – Gearshift Cam/Shift Shaft
17:29 – Kick Start Assembly
18:41 – Power Valve Actuator
19:17 – Primary Drive Spacer/Gear
19:54 – Counter Balancer/Drive Gear
21:33 – Power Valve Governor
22:20 – Primary Drive and Counter Balancer Tightening
23:25 – Kicker Idler Gear
23:52 – Clutch Assembly
27:49 – Clutch Cover Installation


29:27 – Piston Installation
31:22 – Power Valve Installation
33:53 – Cylinder Installation
36:44 – Head/Dome Installation
38:13 – Reeds/Intake Boot Installation
39:00 – Exhaust Flange Installation
39:31 – Power Valve Cover Installation
39:41 – Water Pump Impeller/Cover


40:45 – Showcasing/Running The Engine
42:18 – Closing

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Suzuki Service Manual –
Crank Installer –
Assembly Lube –
Anti-Seize –
Yamabond 6B –
Milwaukee M12 Impact –
Milwaukee M18 Impact –
Blue Loctite –
Red Loctite –
Large Torque Wrench –
Dead Blow Hammer –
T-Handle Allen Wrenches –
Flywheel/Clutch Holding Tool –
Rekluse Oil –
Assembly Grease –
Gasket Spray –
Klotz Benol –
Clutch/Spring Kit –
Gasket/Seal Kit (87’) –
Gasket/Seal Kit (88’-90’) –
Cool Head –


Rocky Mountain ATV MC –
Lion Parts –
Rocket Ron –
BPRacing –
Obor Tires –


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Bartman360 says:

What's up Mike? Just wanted to commend you on your unscripted technical knowledge and mechanical abilities. So uncommon in the millennial age group it seems. Your hands tell the truth and 99% accurate when deciphering who's channel I am going to sub to. I'm 57 and have been wrenching as a professional in aviation, automotive, marine, and of course motorcycles since the age of 15. Its great to watch you work so fluidly through the inherent problems associated with dissimilar metal corrosion to general assembly on motorcycles. You have the gift brother, keep it up!

Dave Stinson says:

Will 1 if these smoke a 250r or banshee? Or r they all really close? I've only ever ridden built 250r an banshee. I must say 250r was most fun overall quad I've ever had the pleasure of riding. Great video man!! Wish I had ur skills

cordero riddick says:

Hello I really enjoyed your rebuild on this Suzuki! I’m new to this channel. I have a 2006 SUZKI 450. I wanted to drag race on dirt and track. How can I get in contact with you to see about building my bike?

John Hicks says:

Is it A tourche monster engine.,or what man with that head.& Piston setup now?

John Hicks says:

You forgot about that shim guide plate for the that bearing inside of the case to still Michael sabo.

MC says:

I love your videos

MC says:

Is there any chance you can do a full bike rebuild and engine rebuild on a ktm 85 sx 2006

that guy says:

this video will help alot of people out when doing a rebuild

Tyler Ty says:

Where did you source you parts?

Dxx Silva says:

Enjoyed the stock build of this lt500!! You gunna make any prlerformance builds for lt500s?

Winston says:

Omg Thank you for this. I totally needed this as a refresher course. I've had my zilla for a very long time and its time to break the cases for main bearings. Much appreciated!

Dxx Silva says:

We need more zills motor videos! Thank you!

JAMES.D. says:

Love this channel ❤️ ❤️

Davis Foret says:

Man I just picked up a 1990 quadzilla and I’m so excited to see what’s wrong with it and take the things you teach and put them to work. Your a inspiration to me love the work you do and how clean you build bikes.

Wesley Perring says:

How much do you charge for a rebuild?

Alexander Capuano says:

This is great!

Poor Guy's Garage says:

This is an outstanding video! Great work and thank you!

Boston Banshee says:

Hey mike my banshee fly wheel and stator is uglyyyy looks like a boat anchor now lol how can I clean the fly wheel?

William Garcia says:

How well do you think this engine will perform in a crosskart?

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