Subaru WRX Hella Horns DIY Install 2015 – 2018

Subaru WRX Hella Horns DIY Install 2015 – 2018

DIY Hella Horns BEEP BEEP.

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HeyImAndrew says:

These horns are so stupid

crazyshot says:

Not even going to show them when they are on?

GroovesAndLands says:

Nice install – except no fuse between battery and relay!!!! A fuse on a power lead is NEVER optional.

Jessika Torres says:

Thanks bro, just bought a 16 wrx

Adam Swank says:

Why didn't you just use the factory Subaru horn relay…? Did you mount the relay there or is that where the factory relay is mounted? I don't get it.

Javier Berry says:

What size are those mounting bolts? 10mm I'd assume?

Valentine Kolpakov says:

So you just basically mounted them onto the original location? Why do people get the bracket if you can just mount them there?

Was the hole drilled for the relay?

Eddies WRX says:

Lol kinda cringed watching your buddy drill right above his leg freehand. Cool got some these recently…..gotta throw them on now


Che cosa sono? A cosa servono?

HoeLeeFuQQ says:

I’m thinking of making a video on my channel on this for my 2016 sti using the plug and play version. Subscribed looking for are to your next video on the Subie.

Neill McGowan says:

So you left the stock high tone on the passenger side?

Communicator says:

Isn't it usually a better idea to keep the ground wires together?

Rani R says:

Have you had any problems washing your car and the wires getting wet?

vale ianni says:

Keep on modding it! I have a 2018 wrx and nobody has videos on it. Keep grinding with these great vids

LEGIN27 says:


treeba531 says:

May should've done a before and after sound.. but great vid otherwise!

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