Subaru Oil Pump Replacement

Subaru Oil Pump Replacement

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General overview of an oil pump replacement on a 1998 Subaru EJ25D engine.

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Christopher O'Hara says:

My Subaru are those rubber little side peaces important

Christopher O'Hara says:

Good evening Mr Subaru Chris O'Hara hear , I was wondering the best method to break loose the bolts on the camshaft sprocket bolts

Christopher O'Hara says:

I love your work

Pavel G says:

Punching out an oil seal? Nice job damaging the metal on the pump!

Andrea Romeo Bandini says:

Hi mate , great video. I would like to ask you a question regarding oil pumps. Can I run a 12mm oil pump on stock ej255 instead of the 10mm? Any steps/tips that I have to take into consideration before install a 12mm pump? Thanks in advance

James Tweedell says:

Another great video,!!

Matthew Curran says:

Thanks for the video, just one thing that I noticed. When you installed the oil pump, the side seals looked like they were missing… Was that intentional? Also, what do those side seals actually do, since it looks like the gasket maker should seal the whole thing…

Ryan Metsger says:

How do you prime one of these?? Is it good on start up when you clear the ECU and it takes about 5 seconds to start? Will that be enough to prime the oil pump??

Ryan Metsger says:

What does 58inlbs convert to ftlbs

Scott Short says:

I'm curious why you pulled the woodruff key? What year EJ is this? I've done this job on a 2011 EJ253 and a 1999 and neither required it nor is it called out in the FSMs I have for those cars.

Rice Y says:

Is outside of the seal supposed to be lubed prior to pressing in if pump & seal are new?

Rice Y says:

Is Three Bond 1215 recommended over Permatex 82194 Ultra Gray or vise versa? According to Amazon reviews in May 2018, 8.8oz TB1215 costs $27.58 and only has 3 stars reviews from 11 people, but 3.5oz Ultra Grey costs only $4.78 and has 4.5 stars reviews from 156 people.

Ed MacKerrow says:

My woodruff key is stuck… tried to pry it, tap it with a screwdriver, vice grips (started to mar it…). Do you have any suggestions for a stuck woodruff key and how important is it that the key not be marred (in other words, use a new woodruff key makes sense…). Thanks!

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