Subaru Exhaust Manifold Gasket Replacement

Subaru Exhaust Manifold Gasket Replacement

Replacing exhaust manifold gaskets on a 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited wagon. P/N for the gaskets 14038AA000

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Johnny D says:

do you sand down the manifold and head before reapplying the gasket?

Legend of the strings says:

Thanks Mrsubaru1387. Based the first 3 quarters of this video I was able to swap out my old with new in about 15 minutes not including watching the video. 🙂

Mihai Andrei Spiru says:


i have a little question,i can put on my 2005 sg forester 2.0 125hp a bigger oil pan,like a 2.5 one?(i want to increase the oil capacity on my engine to keep him in a better condition for a longer time) sorry for my english.


^^ountain man says:

thanks for your videos! i just replaced mine, and it helped for a short while, but a few days later and im back where i started.
what might be causing my gasket to blow like this?

Joe Santos says:

Thanks man. I hear an exhaust leak on my wifes 2012 outback. I will check it out this weekend

김종수 says:

Thank you.
I worked the same.and
When I drive 15 miles on the Wacky road rattle noise appeared in the manifold.

mmartin0083 says:

Hiya, I just swapped a used engine into my '98 OBW. Before we dropped the new engine in, I noticed that the inner manifold stud on the driver's side (closest to the oil pan) was slightly bent. My friend went to straighten it, overdid it, cracked the stud right out of the damn cylinder head. Took a little chunk out of the head and completely destroyed the threading. There's no way I can screw the stud back in. Needless to say, there's a very loud exhaust leak.

So my plan is to get some new OEM manifold gaskets and maybe use a high temperature gasket maker on the driver's side with the missing stud. Red RTV? Something else? Any tips appreciated.

John Theurer says:

My 08 2.5i has a flutter and aloud chirp under load, do you think it could eb the gaskets?

cristopher becerra says:

Muy buen video amigo. Me gustaría saber si al salir gases de combustión por falla de estas piezas que haz cambiado esto afectaría al motor, provocando un calentamiento por exceder los 120 km/hr. Gracias

jaguar alegre says:

Hey my friend what side of the gasket goes to the block and part goes to the headers I did I see please

Nathan Crockett says:

What size bolt (thread) did you use to temporarily replaced the broken stud?

AndrewMacedonia says:

can a bad exhaust manifold leak cause the car to misfire?

Smoke Stack says:

Great job, I’m hooked on your videos. if I may ask, where do you purchase the parts for your Subaru?

Nice Y says:

Is the driver side manifold supposed to be longer/lower than the passenger side? Mine (the shield) cuts into the skid plate (aluminum) on the driver side after swapping to another a stock (2000 RS) to stock (2001 RS) manifold swap (the original stock one didn't do that)

Apex Ascent says:

MrSubaru1387, Hi! I'm a 16 year old learning how to become a automobile engineer and I'm taking time this summer doing maintenance on my car (2012 Subaru Outback 2.5i CVT). I'm gonna do a CVT fluid change and I have two questions. Question 1.- The CVT will only drain 6 to 6.5 quarts of the 13.5 so I can't replace all the fluid at once. Once I change the first 6 quarts, how long should I wait until i drain the other 6 quarts of old fluid? Some say 6 months. Question 2.- I'm also going to take off the pan underneath the CVT and reseal it because its leaking a bit and I live up in Wisconsin where it's 105 in the summer and -25 in the winter. Anyways when I take the CVT fluid pan off what should I reseal it with. Gasket maker at my local auto parts store or a pre made gasket by Felpro or any gasket company? One more thing, what is the torque in ft. lbs. for each of the thirteen 10mm screws that hold the CVT fluid pan? Thanks

Yony Loya says:

How can I know if it has a leak?

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