NEW iKamper Skycamp Mini! Install on Subaru Outback with Prinsu Roof Rack

NEW iKamper Skycamp Mini! Install on Subaru Outback with Prinsu Roof Rack

Join 4XPEDITION Founder, Scott Leuthold and Matt Wells from Black Label Garage on the install of the brand new iKamper Skycamp Mini available in March 2020! Get a full rundown on the install and walk around of this fantastic two person hard clam shell rooftop tent mounted to the Prinsu Design Studio Performance Roof Rack made specifically for the Subaru Outback by CBI Offroad Fabrication.

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Ranger Smith says:

Your 3.6R looks great with the new rack. Very expensive, but I guess compared to a mini pull behind or the hassle of a freestanding tent of the same size and quality, not so bad. You could rig a pulley system and store the unit on the ceiling of your garage where it can just be raised and lowered into place as needed.

Jim Edds says:

What is it difficult to install that new roof rack on your Subaru outback?

Peter Charron says:

Want this for my wrangler JL… thinking of just doing rhino rack with just the standard 3 cross bars, not the full rhino rack platform. Trying to keep it less bulky.

Jason W says:

Looks like a suitcase on your roof

Adam Smeltzer says:

3:28 nick.kicks dude. Always loved the old-school Adidas

NiGHTSChao689 says:

So jealous of your entire setup! I hope one day I get to have that rack and camper for my outback!

Sworks says:

Just buy a truck why torture yourself using a Subaru.

Steven Denham says:

I’ve followed your channel for a bit now and have just recently purchased an outback after far too long of wanting one. I’ve taken an interest in the rooftop tents and I’m curious as to what issues you’ve had with the ones you have.
Thank You

marco lopez says:

Is tje ikamper permanently attached to the car, how can I lock it so they won't steal it? I live my hybrid xle rav 4 park outside all thr time even at night time in driveway and also work in a rough neighborhood:(

Bill Heuman says:

Thanks for this video. I believe I saw your portypot with the ack handle. Could you tell me what you think of it and what is the make and model. Thanks

NemeanLion says:

10:50 I’m just thinking out loud, but wouldn’t it be interesting if ikamper sold models with a trapdoor in the floor to exit into a vehicles sunroof or onto your flatbed if you have a pickup truck? I don’t know if there are many practical uses for it, but I imagine kids would enjoy climbing up and down through a hole in the floor.

RUReadyAdventure? says:

Man with 4 mustaches says…

Hey Scott!

I’m interested in the iKamper light for my Rubicon.

Into meeting up and sharing ideas on Boondocking?

The girlfriend and I will be at Outdoor Expo in Flagstaff this coming May 2021.

You going?

Hope to see more rooftop options.

At this time the iKamper is at top of the list.



Mr_Pixelhead says:

Hey Scott, you have some great videos and made the decision to go forward with purchasing a standard Prinsu for my 2017 Forester XT after seeing your setup. Will likely be moving forward with the iKamper mini as well in Jan. So my question pertains to how much cargo space you have left on top of the rack, behind the iKamper? Could you fit a 2 gallon Rotopax can up there? I also have a Wilco hitch and could mount it there like you have it on your OB but I have serious concerns about the lack of tongue weight support with the Forester- 150 lbs max according to Subaru.

Frank Partida says:

Can you do a vid on your spear tire carrier?

Squizzy T says:

Great presentation, appreciate your efforts! Happy adventures mate!!

Neomis 01 says:

I have a question, that’s the prinsu with the led cutout? So if I wanted the prinsu with led cutout, in say California, do they make a cover for the lights? , because I believe it’s not allowed or has to be covered on main roads(only uncovered offroad) can anyone confirm this? And does anyone know of a good semi permanent cover? as it will mostly be covered except a few times a year.

David Er says:

If I decide to get an Outback, I am definitely going to look into the Prinsu rack.

ABSV says:

So you ever wish you had instilled it further back in order to still have a little of the sunroof available?

iPES Diary says:

The great South Korean company right there!

David Park says:

Even though you lock it. They can just unscrew the bolts that hold the cross bars on the side on the prinsu. Pointless.

Cookies205 says:

first time really watching your vids. Thank you for the content!

And man, those K02's seem to add some road noise vs an all-weather tire

Craig H. von Peters says:

Curious if you guys know if a full size spare, I.e., BFG-AT tire on black rhino boxers would fit inside the new Outback XT Onyx that fits a full size spare?

jonnyfish76 says:

Will that rack fit on a 2020 Outback? I'm assuming it would but ya know…..

John Chen says:

Awesome video. Would love to get a 4X patch on my 4Runner and a hat for my adventures.

Richard Burguillos says:

Looks great… I have to look back but I don’t remember you doing a lay down inside to give us an idea how much room for another person and possibly a little gear above head or beside two people. I check their site and it looks like they do offer an awning but not an enclosure. They do offer locks for the mounts but you have another challenge as they could just unscrew your rack rails and take the tent, mounts and rails in one package. The rack team needs to come up with a way to cover and lock down those mounting screws. Or possibly you could make it harder using a special security screw that requires a special tool typically people would not have. It sure does look good on that new rack. Thanks for sharing the install.

mdb ** says:

thanks for this video. it answered a lot of questions I had — the iKamper website doesn't really have much info on the tent…

Gabriel Magister says:

Thank you for your videos, they are truly inspiring. About your original 4 person Skycamp –if you were to sit on the corner of the floor section that is supported by the ladder, would this break the tent?

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