How to Replace Headlight Bulb – Subaru Impreza

How to Replace Headlight Bulb – Subaru Impreza

How to Replace Headlight Bulb on a Subaru Impreza. Headlight Bulb Replacement. How to Remove and Replace a Headlight Bulb On A Subaru Impreza Outback Step by Step.

Headlight Bulb Replacement –

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Noel Supetran says:

Thank you man.thats exactly what i need.God the way to change oil subaru if i dont have a ramp or jack.

—— says:

These steps would be the same for an 09 Impreza too right?

Joex Marotta says:

Thank you! This was extremely helpful.

angilo bascomi says:

This made it so easy. It took less than 5 minutes and saved a ton of money!

Timothy Mullens says:

Thanks. Very helpful

Malcolm H says:

Great, clear, and to the point video thank you!!! In my 2010 Impreza, the air intake clips were ridiculously difficult to get out and wouldn't really go back in without partly breaking. grrrr. Apart from that, pretty easy to exchange bulbs. I put in LEDs which makes a huge difference.

Casey F says:

Super helpful and clear. Thank you!

Raging CStorm says:

Thank you so much. This is much easier than i thought it’d be

Tommy G says:

Thank you. Great video. Very well done and helpful.

Hans Joseph Hessburg says:

Helpful’ thank you!!!

Mr.Woo Woo says:

Thank you for your video. I'm going back home to Virginia Beach and thought I'd better put new bulbs in before I go. No disrespect, you have a slight lisp and I just got my teeth out and now have a lisp, so that made me enjoy the video even more. thank you for taking your time to do this video.

Ken H says:

Great DIY video front to back! Showed the bulb package, the steps to access the bulbs (both driver & passenger sides, all remove & replace steps (including if the rubber seal was left behind… exactly what happened). Clear video. Not sure if the year of vehicle changes anything, but that might be a nit… Thank you!

safeclub says:

Ez pz man. appreciate this. 22 years old first car ive ever purchased. u da man

Lisa Ann says:

Excellent video. You helped this girl change her headlight in a matter of a few minutes! Great job anticipating where one might encounter hiccups and clearly explaining the process. Thanks!

Getting Along Alone says:

Thank you. That was super simple.

Matthew Lee says:

Thank you, such a helpful and detailed video!

Edouard Morrissette says:

Seriously one of the best narrated and filmed ever! Image is clear, explanations are flawless! Excellent work, dude.

Aaron Krakovitz says:

Thanks your video made it easy

ben m. says:

Good Video! Easy to follow and made my job easier.

Uther says:

Thanks for this guide, It was a lot easier to swap out the bulbs in my truck back in the day.

Nick McNeil says:

Great video dude!

charjl says:

So don't touch bulb with your fingers? Good to know. Thanks

randy robertson says:

OMG…..I wish the driver side low beam was as easy to change as the Subaru you just worked on.
My Lord, it's a whole different ballgame with the Outback. Thank you for the tutorial.

N S says:

What year impreza is this for?

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