How To Install Uppipe Without Removing Exhaust Manifold or Turbo! Subaru Engine EJ255 and EJ257

How To Install Uppipe Without Removing Exhaust Manifold or Turbo! Subaru Engine EJ255 and EJ257

Here’s a video of me installing my new Uppipe from start to finish. I decided to make the video longer with more detail and also include any road blocks that happened along the way. Here goes nothing! All items used are linked below for your convenience.

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Invidia Uppipe Used:

OEMTOOLS 9 Piece Bolt Extractor Socket Set – 3/8″ Drive Metric

Oxygen Sensor Socket 3/8-Inch Drive by 7/8-Inch (22mm)

PB Blaster Pentrant Life Saver!:

Never-Seez Anti Rust and Corrosion Compound

All Gaskets Linked Below:

GrimmSpeed Downpipe Gasket 02-10+ WRX/STi/LGT

GrimmSpeed Uppipe-to-Turbo Gasket
02-10+ WRX/STi/LGT

GrimmSpeed Manifold to Uppipe Gasket 02-10+ WRX/STi/LGT

(Optional) GrimmSpeed Exhaust Manifold to Cylinder Head Gasket Pair 02-10+ WRX/STi/LGT

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Raidersfan13 says:

Hey so where did you find your accessport holder ?

Gallant Ghost says:

Nice video. Personally I would have just dropped the entire manifold instead of loosening the motor mounts and jacking up the motor to get it out..

Wolfy1091 says:

that weld was for the heat shield

Esko Lopez says:

Front Cv boots fully covered in grease.. looks like they seen better days lol

James Van camp says:

Gotta love camshaft seals and oil pump seals just did mine only about 4 hours good luck love the car

HavokStrifeX says:

I used the jack handle over breaker bar method to try and get my lower strut bolts off. Broke the breaker bar. Ended up buying a small torch to get them off. Probably took a month of trial and error to get them off. I guess the upside is I don't sweat any bolt now. My oil pan came with a stripped drain bolt, I had it off in like 10 minutes.

I'm still digging on your wrap, too. I'm a big world rally blue guy, but grey looks outstanding on a hawkeye! I think all that hard work reeeeally paid off.

Steven Siwinski says:

Loved the video man. Nice to change it up from the wrap videos. Keep it up!

Sneaky Foz says:

Got 04XT still has the catted uppipe, god it annoys me, maybe this is the motivation I need to rid me of it.

wilmxr says:

restore headlights or buy c-light ones and finish up the wrap on bumper bro

Bill Peralta says:

I always love how your videos show the reality of DIY mechanic projects. A little tool that helps me get exhaust bolts and O2 sensors off — blowtorch!

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