How to Install Cams in a Subaru DOHC WRX/STI *Stage 2 – 272 Cams*

How to Install Cams in a Subaru DOHC WRX/STI *Stage 2 – 272 Cams*

In this video I will show you how to install cams in DOHC EJ series engine! Thanks for watching



Matthew says:

hard to trust a non digital torque wrench

əvāsive says:

I just installed mine and I think my I messed up

khegan simon says:

Hey bro couple quick questions. Is this a usdm or jdm engine head? What brand of cam is this? Did you use after market valve springs? are you using adjustable cam gears? did you have to use a degree wheel to adjust cam using gear? Did you initially have to amchine the head to accommodate the stage two cam? really appreciate your feed back.

Justin Gulbronson says:

Are these just a drop in with a turn or would I need to upgrade some other stuff in the engine?

Built By Blake says:

Did you need to clearance the heads to get the 272's in?

Isaiah Grant says:

Too bad the 272 lob cam is stage three

Mr Nobody says:

What cams do you guys recommend for a 2010 subaru impreza wrx 2.5T?

Sgt- WillKillU says:

The caps are marked from the factory

rookie test123 says:

You didn't measure valve lash at all. You also should be replacing buckets (ideally all of them) used buckets on new cams is a no-go.

MrFokdieANC says:

what brand cams are those? BC's?

Keith H says:

Did you measure your valve lash after the install?

jonny bgood says:

do you think it may be posible to upgrade cams without removing the engine?
once I changed my gasket valve cover but I didn't know about cams upgrading and I didn't take a look on them

also I would like to ask if you tested with your new set up, any reviews

Rescue Randy says:

Upgrade the intake or exhaust valves ? Or just stock head upgraded cams ?

CarsTech&Toys says:

Use denatured alcohol on the gasket surfaces. Also, torque wrenches aren't overly accurate at that little torque. I would have just started with the inch lbs wrench and stuck with it.

Tama Gage says:

We're did you get the manual from

John Perricone says:

DUDE! You must check all the cam buckets with a feeler gauge to make sure all are in specification the cams came with a data card: see the line that says valve clearance. You must obtain that number by measuring and changing buckets as necessary to get the proper clearance. Or you could waste your entire motor with metal filings from wear caused by improper clearances. It means torque the cams, measure, remove, change buckets, install again, torque, measure again. ALWAYS USE NEW BUCKETS WITH A NEW CAM.

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