How to hardwire/install a Viofo A129 to a 2020 Subaru Forester

How to hardwire/install a Viofo A129 to a 2020 Subaru Forester

In this video, I will be showing you how to install a dash camera into a Subaru Forester. This method can be used by any car and really, any Subaru. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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Rajesh R says:

My dealer said that eyesight functionality will be impacted if the dashcam is placed there

Texas Edition says:

cant hear you

Mike Wilson says:

Same fix works for the 2019 SJ Forester.

Jeff Ginsburg says:

Great tutorial!

Amir Gilboa says:

Some of the hardwire kit has only red and black wires, is that ok to use too?

frank ocean says:

can u give me a link to your 12V add a fuse? I bought one from amazon but didn’t fit.

thndrmatt says:

Performed this procedure on 2017 Outback today. We don't have the Eyesight feature (bottom right fuse), so used that fuse for the constant and the ACC as shown in the video for the other. No issues. Slightly different cable routing as described in other comments but same concept. Fun fact if you need extra fuses for the add-a-fuse there are some underneath the lid of the engine fuse box under the hood.

Eric Anderson says:

Whish there was audio!

Barry Gervais says:

Volume was very low I was able to follow all the instructions, I also have a 2020 Forester and i think the same camera a VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K i have it running to the back hatch thank you again

Adam Lipovský says:

Hi. Looks great. Didn't the rear cam wire mess with side airbags?

Guo Qin says:

Hi this is mini or stander or micro?

MacKenzie Mizenko says:

Does the mount position mess up the eyesight system at all? I just got a 2020 Outback and I am trying to figure out where to mount the camera

Guo Qin says:

Hi do you what size for that fuse?

moonpie817 says:

I have the same model car (2019 Forester) and camera and had no prior experience hard-wiring electronics in my car, this video made it super easy to figure out. Thanks for posting!

Daniel P says:

Great video. Did you have to disconnect the battery before working around the airbags? Just in case.

Kentucky Ranger says:

I'm sure, but I'll ask anyway…
Will this technique work with the 2015 Outback?

infoScript says:

hi i have 19 forester, did the hard wiring as yours .. any idea why the cam dosn't stay on when the engine is turned off. in other way which is the best fuse box to use for the parking mode

akc5247 says:

Thanks for this video! The 2020 Forester manual says that we shouldn't install anything in the eyesight area, so wondering if have issues with the dash cam right beneath it?

Thomas Husen says:

Great video. I plan on hardwiring the A129Pro Duo in my 2018 SFxt. Do you happen to know if there is any variation between which fuses you're using compared to the 2018? Thanks!

Ivan Tsang says:

What fuse (amp) and slot # did you use?

Đông Tà says:

Nice 2020 Forester Sport bro. Your installation video is the BEST, I am glad that my family only owned Subaru and this will help a tons. Thanks!

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