Battle of Subaru wheel bearing

Battle of Subaru wheel bearing

2015 Subaru Outback rear wheel bearing replacement. What a bear. Hundreds of blows from the slide hammer, and I even doubled the weight of the hammer; still wouldn’t budge.
The trick that worked I learned from @SouthMainAuto right here: Weld some nuts on the hub and run a bolt through to push the hub out of the knuckle. Thanks for the tip!



@douglasphillips24 says:

Rust welds metal parts together. Heat the actual knuckle and then hammer hub out.

@EthanKeuning says:

Subaru wheel bearings are the worst, hate em

@justinthornton6735 says:

What type of penetrating oil is that? I’m sure it’s expensive.

@rupertolson2352 says:

Wen I grow some head hair I'm going pull it out

@petercawthorne5997 says:

In a situation like this can we just remove the cv axel and gear from back of knuckle…. Insert perfect size socket and rear the hub out from behind with chosen Thor hammer

@alansmall9071 says:

Easier to remove hub and press out in a vice or on a press

@Mossy500A says:

Acetylene would burn hotter than propane. Had to use it for a castle nut on my truck.

@danielpoirier4421 says:

Yup, that was a long morning …
Good job buddy

@christopherzietz6483 says:

Promaxx Tommy tool makes this sooo easy. Works for Ford explorer bearings too

@thewrencherz28racer92 says:

This is why you use anti seize compound in these areas. Makes it easier to remove.

@willemakit says:

This and customers are why i stopped being a mechanic.

@rayzor196 says:

Just take it to the tip and save yourself some money .. had 2 subs and will never touch one ever again !!

@buck_neezy6458 says:

This is why I buy the bearings and take it to the shop. Few things I won't fix myself and this is one of them.

@ptrd4111 says:

I do most of the work on my cars and wheel bearings is not one of them.

@TandDAutomotive82 says:

The moment you realize you need a bigger slide hammer

@captainredbeard4075 says:

Sweet, only 3 to go!

@morkovetz says:

good job.congrats!

@thorstenm4119 says:

yeahr, it is not the last time, bro

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