Saturn l300 oil filter housing replacement

Saturn l300 oil filter housing replacement

Saturn l300 oil filter housing replacement very easy job only tools other than to Jack the car up and Jack stands get a 24 24 mm socket and ratchet to remove oil filter housing cap. Also you need a 12 mm allen socket small extension to take the bolt out of center of the housing to remove it. Torque wrench is recommended to torque the bolt to 33 ft/lbs.

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Larry Clapp says:

Mine used an inch and 1/16th socket. Aftermarket housing already. I have one of those lights, they are awesome. My housing didn't have that ear on it and it would turn. The bolt would not separate either from the housing. But thanks for these videos of yours' they have helped tremendously.

Darth Vadar says:

You are the only video that gives the tool need to tighten the housing bolt . 12 mm or 60 torques. 1 video says 10mm. .you are the right one
awesome Thanks

Darth Vadar says:

Why does the housing need that extended part on the housing? I have a 2002 L300 3.0 v6. And for some reason my housing doesn't have that extended part on it and it is not broken off. Also it leaks even after a new o ring installed.
So what is that extended parts purpose??

Larry Robert says:

Thank you the hole housing was moving when I tried to loosen the end but I don’t have a oil leak

El Neck Beard says:

Thank you! When I turn on my vehicle I see oil dripping from the housing towards the tip that screws off. I'm just watching this video to be prepared for worse scenario. Hopefully later when a do an oil change it's just a gasket and not the housing. Thank you for the video and for the help

Bryant Baker says:

great video, thank you

MrCaribe65 says:

Great work. You're helping me keep the old lady's car alive lol.

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