2008 Saturn Outlook XR sunroof leaking-How to fix

2008 Saturn Outlook XR sunroof leaking-How to fix

This is for anyone with a 2007, 2008, and 2009 Saturn Outlook, Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia and whatever else GM decided to sell in those years. I encountered a leaky sun roof that caused me a hand full of electrical problems. I made this video to hopefully help someone out if they’re in a similar situation with one of these vehicles. It seems like alot of work at first but once you get into it it’s not bad at all. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!!!!
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Thomas Cowell says:

Thanks for the video. Have a 2008 outlook and is the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever owned. Having the same issues and have a lot of water on the floor boards and things are going haywire after it rains.

Crystal Bondanza says:

I saw in one of your comments on here that it started leaking again.  Were you able to figure out what else was wrong?  We have this problem and all of the other problems you talk about in the video…we are so frustrated but have not tried this solution yet.

R A Diggs says:

Who was the supplier of this poorly designed sunroof? They must have made a fortune across four car lines. Our Outlook would not shut off, nor start with fob. Pulled back pass carpet threw a small space heater, everything is good. Still have to clean hose trap.

Chris Claude says:

Good information. Thanks. Any problems with the HID headlights going on then off and then the left on and the the right off? Keep turning the auto headlight switch until they both stay on but then sometimes one goes out while driving, Just wondering if anybody else has this problem.

Amy Marovich says:

Did this fix the leaking? Mine is having the same issue.

Video Fiend says:

Thats happened to me twice with an Enclave, the only cars sunroof that Ive ever seen leak all over the inside.

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