2005 Saturn Ion alternator replacement

2005 Saturn Ion alternator replacement

Here I replace a bad alternator in a 2005 saturn ion.



@rcheaven96 says:

I like the way you grabbed the hose and stroked it.

@garycampbell5297 says:

Put a floor jack with a piece of wood or rubber under the oil pan then remove the motor mount and it makes it a lot easier to replace the alternator

@MrRmeadows says:

Interesting. The Chilton's manual is telling me I need to pull the tire off and remove the inside covers. I have got a belt squeak in the morning. Alternator is putting out 14.5 volts. I am afraid it might be going out.

@jesselowe5346 says:

Thanks for the vid, helping my buddy do this tomorrow. Any chance you can list what size the bolts are? Wanna make absolutely sure i got the right tools before I leave rather than after I drive an hour to his house. And for the tensioner, you just stick a low profile 3/8 straight on the fucker? I'm probably too used to over engineered German cars cuz I've never seen that solution before lol

Thanks again man!

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