Saab Xenon Bulb Replacement & Headlight Restoration NEW

Saab Xenon Bulb Replacement & Headlight Restoration NEW

In this video I show how to replace the HID headlight bulb on my 2008 Saab 9-3 and restore the expensive factory headlights. The bulb replacement is similar for 2003-2012 Saab 9-3s with the xenon headlights.

Please be sure to send me your suggestions for a headlight clear coat. Thanks!

Items shown in video include:

2008-2012 D1S 35w 6000k bulbs (price has gone up since I purchased mine a year ago. They can still be found relatively cheap though):

Compared to the OEM:

OR 2003-2007 D2S 35w:

3M headlight restore kit:



Ruben Serda says:

I love SAAB.

agresorxf says:

I bought two bulbs for around 90$ and after all it turned out that my bulbs are fine and problem is somwhere else. Unfortunately it wasent possible to give back that new bulbs back in to the shoop. No idea where's ther problem. Balast connection ?

Amber Johnson says:

Where did you get that vanity plate? Lol its awesome!

Hunter McKee says:

Where did you find the headlight collar or retainer? My D1S headlights seem to not stay in place. Now I understand this is mostly likely the problem.

KING_JAY says:

@weakest of week if you want a project saab i have one you might be interested in

ereseminole says:

..I also wax me headlights and try to park on shade

ereseminole says:

I used rust oleum clearcoat for plastic,
got it at an auto parts store,

..worked well

StrykerV8 says:

Clear coat almost always hazes and or cracks after a year or so. I've had great luck with applying aerospace 303 periodically.

Wayne Li says:

Another nice DIY saab vidoe. For 08+, I don't think you need to removed the bumper to replace the headlight bulbs. As for sealant, don't use Meguiar headlight sealant, they last at most a year, and turns milky. I got a question for you, my 08 saab has the same light, I keep getting the "Cornering light malfunction" message on the driver side, any idea what would be issue. The light is working, but i can tell the light projection was slight different than the working side. I searched the saab forum, some said it might be the self leveling mechanism near the wheel. I'm planning to swap the left and right and see if i can get the same message. Not sure the connectors are the same for both side.

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