Saab 9-5 Front Control Arm DIY

Saab 9-5 Front Control Arm DIY

Recently we stumbled upon some half edited footage from 2015 that we never got around to finishing. Well, here it is, straight from the early eEuroparts TV archives. Parts used in this video are :
Control arm:
Ball Joint (if you have a 1999-2001):
Ball Joint (if you have a 2002-2009):



Marcin Wojciechowski says:

Hi guys – do you have maybye more detailed video about subframe bushings replacement (powerflex) that the one which is already on YT (it only 2 min. long withought much details). Appreciate 🙂

Drizzy Williams says:

Great audio …


Hi is it necessary to do the angle measurements or just stick with the torque stick?

Saab Ross says:

Those wheels are gorgeous, clearly a Saab owned by someone who's taking good care of her! Great vid as always eEuro

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