Saab 9-3 Quick Fix – ECU Removal and Replacement

Saab 9-3 Quick Fix – ECU Removal and Replacement

ECU Marriage:

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Anthony Pryor says:

Hey I have saab 07 from France I'm selling anyone interested my number is 313 854 5556 it's having issues with injectors I don't have time for it I'm asking 2500 196000 miles on it

webastozs81vr says:

688000km no ecu problem

RADThird1 says:

I installed the ECU insulator kit that I got from "the man down under" on my 2006 Sport Combi. What is supposed to be 15 min. job took my bro-in-law and me 90 mins. LOL. Our big problem was that we could not get the intake hose free of the throttle body. It seemed welded in place so we had to work around it as I didn't want to ruin it. Other then that the installation was straight forward.
For $90 US (including shipping) I think that it was worth it to hopefully extend the life of the ECU. My car is now at 84,000 mi.

Iman Wan says:

Perfect time for my P0245 code. Seem like my ECU is done. Do you know where I can find a replacement or refurbished ECU? Mine is only 2010, so any used one should be older than mine. If my 10 years old one failed, why I go buy a used one? I'm in Texas, maybe it get something to do with it.

Mane Rmos says:

Hola amigo!! Estoy por reemplazar la ecu de mi saab 93 2006 2.0t he pensado en clonar la ecu tienes algún vídeo sobre que plataforma usar? he leído acerca de trionic- can flaser? Cualquier ayuda se agradece desde ya

Daisy Henry says:

Is Ecu and TCM the same thing on 2004 Saab 9-3 Linear Turbo..Automatic Transmission

Shay Hop says:

hello people im in need of a ECU for my saab 9-3 2004 email me or text 6192473688

Auto_Kevin97 says:

1:45 My main question is, why the heck is the ECU there of all places? Exposed to the heat, even though it's under a cover… Shoooo… I'd move it to another locations that's better for it so it doesn't "Heat soak" or something… I could be wrong but still, kind of a bad place to place an ECU.

renato moreno says:

So, plug and play is a big LIE?…

Peter Jackson says:

Hey man, do you disconnect the battery on your 9-3 whenever you work on electrical stuff? Is it necessary?

MassiveTrackHunter says:

Too bad they moved away from putting them in a closed cavity in the top of the fenders like the old 900 Classic. Dry and cool.

gcampbell1993 says:

Hey man, my 2006 Saab 9.3 2.0T has a few codes from my check engine light. Steering wheel lock malfunction, anti lock malfunction, stabilizer malfunction that pops up on my car randomly sometimes. I don’t work on my car myself. I’m too worried I’ll destroy it. Are theses problems common? Or should I be thinking about another car. Last time I took my saad to the shop it cost me over 100 for spark plugs. And since I owned this Saab I only had to replace the starter and get a new fab. I love this car it’s just extremely hard to find part and a mechanic to work on it.

Fred B says:

Hey man cool vids, I'm new to the channel! Looking at getting my first Saab Tuesday. It's a 2008 9-3 Aero with 124,000 miles on it, very clean and looks like it was taken care of. The dealer wants $5,500. Think that's too much? Thanks!

Lamster66 says:

LOL mine has the engine cover in the boot/trunk since I bought the car.
I fitted it and a month later the ECU went faulty after fitting another ECU which on a 2003 is a bit of a PITA as it has the SAI system which I assume if you use a later ECU you will have to manually block off the SAI system and Disco the pump
The ECU gets quite warm which is likely why they fail over time. covering it is therefore not a great idea. Mines back in the boot/trunk and has lived there for all but a month of the 8 or 9 years I've had mine!

Carter Chiaramonte says:

So I have a 2008 93 aero and I’m looking to install the turbo x rear spoiler on my car, do you know the best way of going about that?

Nathaniel Wayne says:

My ecu was bad on mine when i bought it. It was pouring smoke out the exhaust giving it the look of being a blown head. I went to a junk yard bought an ecu for 70 bucks came home threw it on downloaded the program to reflash it on my laptop for free and did it myself. It costed me maybe 90 buck because the cord to plug from the laptop to the car was around 20 bucks online. I can easily fix this problem for anyone in the indiana area i got everything needed and the know how to do it. My names jeremy my number is 8125313364 if you need help with this text me i dont answer unknown calls.

Alexandre Dionisio says:

Also don't use official torque values for the ignition coils … I already broke 2 bolts. Lucky me I managed to get them out. It was scary.

cinrambrad says:

Thank you for posting consistently……………………………….

Aarthi John Selvaraj says:

Scotty’s Kilmer latest video trash talked Saab and called them trash

Bruce Poch says:

Thoroughly enjoying your channel. Keeping a fleet of SAABS going here, too. Found the kit you mentioned – this interesting, intuitive and reasonably inexpensive kit to heat protect the 2.0T ECU- the source of the failures… seemed worth sharing from that SAAB lover in Australia

KobaSena_Fr says:

unbolted all the intake system to change the PCV valve and it's really not that difficult. I though it was worse XD

RADThird1 says:

I jut ordered the ECU mounting kit from Australia. This kit gets the unit up off the manifold with no change to the wiring. It's been shown to reduce the heat at the ECU by ~ 30 deg. C and also dampen at least some if not all vibration. At 90$ US it seems like a good idea for my '06 Sport Combi at 83,000 mi. Hopefully it will lengthen the life of the unit. You can get info on obtaining the kit here : Installation vid here:

Toothless Bull Dog 2.0 says:

"Word to the wise"….time for a hair cut kid,… you're LQQKING scraggly..
"Word to the wise"…if the vacuum hose is old and brittle plastic then that's a good indicator that it's time to replace it, but I digress.
Those are the Bull Dog's suggestions.
from California aka CommieFornia
oh and by the way you sound angry in the video, perhaps a good vacation is in order?

Adam Goulart says:

Should you disconnect the battery if you are doing this?

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