Saab 9-3 How to Fix Power Windows that goes up and reverses on its own

Saab 9-3 How to Fix Power Windows that goes up and reverses on its own

Saab 9-3 windows anti pinch override and how to reset Saab 9-3 windows permanently. This works in loads of cars, not just Saab.
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Liam Unus says:

I didn't even realize this was a common issue. This just started happening to my car and I was scrolling through your uploads, and found this. Glad it's an easy fix! Thanks man

Jamaal Wilson says:

Great video and none of that exaggerated gimmicky stuff! Thumbs up

Christopher You says:

Thank you. This helped me out

rodeo 492 says:

Good tutorials amigo saludos desde mexico country

Brian Burnside says:

If your window rolls up, but then comes down, try removing fuse F5 for a couple of minutes, then replacing it. And then follow this video.

Rudolph Rocker says:

First, thanks for the upload.

I've tried the tutorial for my front windows after replacing the battery.
It worked on the passenger side first time…however, I'm not having quite so much luck on the driver side.
I've tried removing and replacing the fuse (#5, 7.5a), unplugging the door for 10 seconds, and finally removing and replacing the fuse and unplugging the door. I've sat here for what seems like an eternity rolling the window up and down…and I'm yet to hear the 'bing' to signify my efforts have been successful.

Does anyone have an idea what might be preventing my driver window from calibration on the one touch return? (one touch down works fine) 2007 9-3 Wagon fwiw

Ding Dong says:

Excellent tutorial

Chris Kenwright says:

Hello mate my window buttons on the drivers door the button for the front passenger window wont work can you help

continuousminer says:

A very topical video for me. My issue is when it hits the top , it comes back down. My question is, if the reset requires holding the button at the top and the bottom of the window’s range, how can i do that if the pinch function will bring it back down automatically. Will it still work?

Alexander J Raia says:

My Saab 9-3 driver side window will roll down, but if you roll it all the way down and try to roll it back up it will get stuck about half way up and requires manual assistance, any thoughts?

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