Saab 9-3 Badge Replacement | Saab Wheel Centre caps

Saab 9-3 Badge Replacement | Saab Wheel Centre caps

Saab bonnet and boot badges AND Saab wheel centre caps REPLACEMENT | Easy peasy lemon squeezy to DIY | Another Saab 9-3 common problem!!
🎥 How to reset your Saab’s “time for service” message yourself:

I got my badges here, several designs to choose from:

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🎥 A comprehensive guide to battery and alternator testing

🎥 How to remove & replace the rear lights and bulbs on your Saab 9-3:
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🎥 Crank sensor failure is such a common issue. Learn to recognise the symptoms:

Other bits and bobs:

Battery cables, red or black, 50cm (19inch)
Replacement battery terminal clamps
Fibre washers for terminal protection
Stainless screws for battery tray – select M8x20 or 30
Sealant applicator gun:
Spare nozzles for your sealant tubes:
Leak sealing duct tape
Dummy shark fin in case yours is looking tired:

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🎥 How to replace a CV [constant velocity] joint boot with a split kit:
🎥 Don’t let your fuel filter end up like this:

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shalock says:

Tko predator 2.8T got that done as well car looks nice

Ian Richards says:

Good video, wheel badges can be wet sanded with something like 1500 and 3000 and they look as good as new. Also bonnet badges if you use a hair dryer and warm them up they peel off much easier and don’t leave much of the pad behind.

FuZe says:

Wheel caps can be sanded downed, then polished. I did it to mine and they look brand new, and ~40£ saved 😀

Thomas says:

Love the saab videos

Kent B says:

When replacing original Saab badges with the cheaper copied ones before fitting spray a couple of coats of lacquer on them and they will look good for years.

bob david says:

For the badges with foam, I have always found a bit of fishing wire works great! Just run the wire back and forth under the badge to cut the foam/glue

M E says:

Just use some lacquer thinner if they are dark or hazed. Brings them back to new.

sunless crayfish says:

have the same wheel badges , but also have them on bonnet boot and steering wheel, think they look better

SkullKid L says:

Where did you buy the new badges?

Thanos Economou says:

Go man! Excellent video ! Morning from Greece

Jaegwang Lim says:

Thank you for the video!

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