Porsche IMS Fix 6: How to lock the engine and cams at TDC

Porsche IMS Fix 6: How to lock the engine and cams at TDC

In this installment of the Porsche intermediate shaft bearing saga, I lock my engine and camshafts at TDC (top dead center). This is an essential step before removing the IMS bearing as it ensures no timing chains slip and ruin the engine.

View the complete IMS playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiya6G1pHhIYyzhlVzS_LwoIovrlv6_lv

As always, I am only an amateur enthusiast. I make mistakes all the time. What I do should not be taken as gospel or advice. If you can’t ensure your own safety, don’t work on your car. I will not be held responsible for your actions.



NiklasLofgren says:

Do you have an idea how much torque the locks need to handle? Thinking it might be possible to 3D print them.

porsche911 says:

very grateful, great job. I want to know if I can do this on a future car.. or its too difficult. The weight of the transmission seems like one of the hardest parts… I guess when your done an overview video of how many hours and how difficult would be appreciated. I would love to buy a boxster or cayman , but I am not dealing with a lot of money to throw at it. I have done clutches before, but I was a lot younger.

dpodsful says:


David Jacobs says:

I'm pretty sure technically it's Top Dead Center for two of the pistons, and not for the other 4.

Mark Martin says:

Great video man,, good job.. thanks for putting in your valuable time..

Anatoliy Barzul says:

I’m so glad this video was made!! You are an absolute genius, I’m a mechanic and have worked on German cars including Porsche’s and watching your videos I always learn something new.

Viktor says:

Thats an awesome detailed video!! Only one question: how can I know, how many slots do I have? 1 or 2? My engine is 2001 ..

333Lightspeed says:

Hey Thanks man, helps a lot:-) Do you still like and drive your Porsche now. Will go an 2003 do the IMS DOF next days. cheers and merry chrismas

You can't handle the truth says:

What is an estimated cost to have the "ims" replaced before it fails ?
I am the second owner of a boxster with 60000 miles.

Clive Pritchard says:

Did you ever share a template of those locking tools you made?

Shane Socash says:

Hey Burner! Like many of the other people who have chimed in, your videos were the nudge I needed to drop my transmission from my 2001 911. At 7X,XXXX miles the bearing was TOAST! I don't think it would have made it another 1000 miles without catastrophic loss. It was a double row also, which I wasn't expecting. One thing has been keeping me up at night the last few nights… Did you remove the 3rd timing chain tensioner on the other end of the engine??? It would sure save a bunch of work to not have to, however the Bentley manual, the IMS Solution instructions, and the Bentley video show removing it. Inquiring minds NEED to know, did you remove yours? If not, did the car survive? Because that would be good enough for me.

Simon Jones says:

Hi..unsure if you still monitor this video however I have a leak on the one of my tensioner bolts. I need to replace the crush washer. Do I need to lock the cam as well as the crank to remove the bolt?It's a 987 caymann sThanks in advance

techstyleuk says:

Great videos! – In the video you took out 2 Timing Chain tensioners – for the right bank and the vertical chain but not the one for the left bank. was that intentional? should you take out the third one even though it is far away from the IMS end of the engine?

Tyler Durden says:

Great videos and brilliant delivery………..well done on all your achievements

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