Porsche 996/986 DIY IMS bearing replacement

Porsche 996/986 DIY IMS bearing replacement

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Check out LN Engineering for their IMS Retrofit bearing and installation tool kit.

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Patrick Baitman says:

I thought Porsche were good cars. They look terrible to work on.

Kure Boy says:

Hmmm. An inaccessible bearing that can destroy your engine and everyone knows about it. Looks like German over engineering went a bit under engineered with this one. Anyway good job.

r2vdh says:

Theres an afternarket kit developed to fix the issues with the ims bearings giving a direct oil feed to it. https://tunersmotorsports.com/trs-development/ims-bearing-direct-oil-feed/

Lee Smith says:

When I heard the crack on release. I thought. Oops. But it was all good. Great job Jeff. As always you get it right in the end.

Ingalls says:

You really need to lock both the front and rear chains on newer cars single row IMS bearing cars (bank on the front engine)

Gaetan Tiammax BARRE says:

Hello Jeff, Why not change the crankshaft outlet spy seal at the same time?
If not, great work as usual…

Rennvision says:

Jake Raby here, Flat 6 Innovations.. Glad to see that you loved my extraction tool design 🙂 I designed this one for LN Engineering back in 2007.

Steve Wuertz says:

Man-do you ever sleep? The Alfa and 2 911s-that is a lot? Feel sorry for the Porsche guys-no Fun Facts with Mrs. Jeff

Patrik K says:

Thanks for that cardboard trick, gonna use it for sure

Steve G says:

Awesome! I wish you were my neighbor lol

Keith Heinrich says:

A record number of ads. I hope the $$$ are heading into your pocket. Awesome vid.

mac daddy says:

Great job. Thanks for making this video.

James Daly says:

Skills Jeff. Informative video but daunting job. Well done and thanks for sharing it.

Anom Amos says:

If the cam chains and guides etc are worn you will want to lock both cams as one could slip a tooth.

Dean Probert says:

Right tools and correct procedure adopted. Try a cambelt on a JTS or twin spark Alfa. Again you need the correct tools and procedure knowhow. Great job. Methodical. Are you sure you don't want that super magnet for the Speedo drive recovery?

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