Porsche 993 hood strut replacement!

Porsche 993 hood strut replacement!

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Hi Everyone, A quick video on how to replace those failing hood struts on your Porsche 993!

Here is all you’ll need:

• Qty (2) Stabilus SG406016 Front Trunk Lift Supports Struts Shocks Springs: https://goo.gl/bz7wx1
• Long small flat screwdriver
• Wheel bearing grease (Optional)
• Hood prop

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Heidi and Franny's Garage says:

Hi Everyone, A quick video on how to replace those failing hood struts on your Porsche 993!

Jesse James says:

The thumbnail for this video is hilarious I love it! They really don’t give you much room at all to work.

Tommy Estridge says:

Great video, the grease might also serve to eliminate any squeaks.

leanderian says:

What about the clips? Did you have to spring them back on again?

RocketJohn says:

I actually have these replacement struts ready to be replaced on my 993. Now I have this helpful video to guide me. Mine is black on black so no contrast to see what's going on down there. Very very helpful!

jakedrivesfast says:

I remember being bonked on the head by the hatch of my mother's old Jeep Cherokee when I did those struts, that's not fun! Thanks for the video, and hope your head is okay, Franny!

sportscarnut says:

Perfect DIY video!

wordreet says:

Installation is just the reverse? I'd love to see a video of how you "unbash" yourself on the head!!!! X¬D

James Eli says:

EXCELLENT! This is my next fix – I appreciate you producing a video on this topic – well done!

Greg Stillman says:

As I recall, my '76 911S had a longer hood strut, which meant it was way farther down for the "ball" connection; quite difficult to replace. When I did my '91 Carrera 2, it was much "easier" as it wasn't so far down to release the ball clip. Question; where'd you get your camera suction cup mount? I got a GoPro for my birthday and am looking for a nice one like yours. thanks….

Mike Barber says:

Glad to know you're human too. Just did hood and trunk struts (along with front & back coil struts) on my beast.

Justin Sane says:

Great video once again. Hope your head isn't too sore. 🙂

James Wheaton says:

Best thumbnail ever!

Freerk de Ruiter says:

First the 996 tried to eat you and now the 993. Never knew Porsches were so aggressive. Great video as always. Even though this is an easy job it's still easy to mess it up a bit by starting with the ball joint or have the strut turned 180 degrees. Thank you for sharing.

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