Naked 911 (Rear Bumper Removal, Air Filter Replacement) – Porsche 911 991

Naked 911 (Rear Bumper Removal, Air Filter Replacement) – Porsche 911 991

The 911 is half NAKED!! Ok, ok, not really. It’s safe for the kids and your family to watch with you. This was a really easy and enjoyable job to do. I would 100% recommend this DIY job for any #Porsche911 and #Porsche991 enthusiast. Considering the ail filters only set you back less than $40, why pay hundreds of dollars for the dealership to remove a few screws for you? Take your time, be careful around the paint and you can do it.

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PG Air Filter PA99233 | Fits 2012-18 Porsche 911
$17.55 each from Amazon (2 required)

Streamlight 2112-21 Flood Light by Milwaukee
$58.95 from

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Note: Attempt any work on your own car at your own risk. Always consult a manual or a professional first. The steps, tools and approaches I use are my own choices and I’m certainly not an expert!



Stewart Nunn says:

Really enjoy your videos so thought it was about time I said hello. Always informative and entertaining and often make me smile. Have just put a deposit down on a 997.2 so will be looking back over your older videos if I need to get the spanners out. Keep them coming 🙂

ecolyn says:

Perfect ! I like that you use aftermarket filters, absolutely no difference over OEM

Shift Gears says:

Why would u cheap out on air filters. Should have gotten from K&N or BMC

Frank Montwill says:

I'm not a hater or any thing but you should wear safely shoes when working on your car. just saying.

Tommy Estridge says:

I am sure that the dealer flat rate for this job is probably 3 hours.

Richard Ivanoff says:

I own a 2015 911 GTS and I do my own maintenance. I would never put an aftermarket part on my car. To me is an insult to the brand and German engineering.

WendyCity says:

You are either brave or crazy….good luck
Like your videos

Miami rice says:

I too enjoy wrenching. Seeing these more modern cars just makes me want to save money for an air-cooled.

Walter Sickinger says:

“Folks”…? Have you gone American?

Micks1st996 says:

Once again Mate, you always seem to have fun and allow the rest of us to learn a bit about DIY. Great vid. One bit of advice. You might consider cleaning and wiping down as much of the area as you can before you put it back together. You seem like a meticulous type that keeps everything neat clean and organized like me. In any case, Always fun cheeking in with you. See you soon. Mick.

Roy Ramdeen says:

Looks like Porsche really didn't want the home mechanic doing light maintenance. Not one, but two filters and about one hour to get the filters changed. Quite a lot of work involved. God! and the nudity envolved, this vlog is becoming x-rated. ☺

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