Love Your Frunk – Porsche 997 DIY Install Video

Love Your Frunk – Porsche 997 DIY Install Video

In this video I take two minutes out of my Sunday morning (almost literally) to install a protective liner for the ‘frunk’ of my Porsche 997. I know, what? Well don’t worry, I’m not going to distract you for too long… grab a coffee, take a quick break and enjoy! HA!

Frunk Liner:

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ecolyn says:

You just added more weight to the car…….. HA HA HA HA

Jonathan L says:

I think that was a smart move. Imagine how bad you would feel if an object in the frunk struck the hood and left a protrusion on the sheet metal. It’s hard when I am told by the car industry to never fall in love with a car, but it is very hard not to. Keep on keepin’ on!

Zak Deckich says:

Looks like it should come factory! Looks clean

Bruno S4 says:

Great little video. Was thinking of picking one up as well. Thanks for sharing. Nice to see the family as WELL!

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