Frankie needed to get some new brake pads and rotors installed on his Porsche 996 Carrera. So we DIY install new pads, replace the rotors, and flush the brake fluid. This is a fairly simple job that can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

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Fred Daniali says:

Dan, did Frankie buy the Autozone specials?

Jason W says:

Nice. A Porsche vid! My Porsche specific tuning shop handles all maintenance for mine


Hey Dan, whenever using a rectangular, or (any can where the opening is not centred) shaped can as you had, and you want to avoid spillage, start the pour with the opening at the top (opposite to what you did) and go very slowly. This allows air in to the can above the fluid and this creates a constant flow. The other way will be letting air in below the fluid (periodically) thus causing a gulping action when the air passes through the fluid which causes the fluid to splash. Just a tip, not criticism. Thanks for the vid.

Geoff English says:

I noticed your Motive bleeder has a quick connect fitting. Is that an option you requested?

AGrumpyVet says:

Hey uh, long shot but if y’all ever get to the point you need a tech full time let me know haha I’m certified ,ase ‘s ect, I know it’s long shot and you probably won’t see this but hey it doesn’t hurt to ask lol give me a reason to move back to Texas haha
Cheers man , enjoying your videos

NiceJem1989 says:

Congrats on your LIVE PD and Cleetus Cameos!

Anthony Masters says:

I enjoy your videos, but is it really necessary to "quack out" all the cussing? Are you making the videos for family viewing? Annoying and unnecessary.

Grant says:

Sounds like a boat lmfao….which is totally a compliment btw lol

Thomas Hoehn says:

From cleetus macfarlands channel. Subscribed and notifications on. Supporting the channel.

Karim Ali says:

Found you from Cleetus and Cars — Howdy fellow Austinite!

adam lebednik says:

came from Cleetus, see what u got

Derp Derpington says:

Hey I found you through cleetus's channel and I had to come subscribe. Even losing you were smiling and having a good time and I admire that a lot. Cannot wait to see more from you in the future!

Jeffrey Cosgrave says:

Dan, please reverse your quickjack frames next time. The safety bar should always be on the outsides so you're not sticking your arm through a frame with 4,000lbs sitting on it.

nunya binis says:

Sent here from Cleetus. Nice to meet you! haha

C Blanco says:

Top tip. If you are replacing the rotors, stick a large screwdriver in between the pad and the rotor and push the pistons back in. Do this before you even take anything apart.

Since you are replacing pads and rotors, you don't have any fear of scratching anything that you won't be replacing.

Saves having to push them back in with a c clamp or whatever and makes the job faster.

Also, holy crap, DON'T get brake fluid on ANYTHING. It will take paint right off and eat right through plastics and carpet.

Anthony Bowe says:

I hope those new rotors were cleaned with brake cleaner before they went on. Did you put copper grease on the new pads?

Bryan Hallman says:

17:21 ….as he backs into the Jaguar, completely destroying the driver's side, thereby ending their friendship on a sad and bitter note… 😛 oh, wait, that only happens to me.

redtesta says:

my fav car channel. its reality and it really helps. you take on things that would be taboo and I bet that parts suppliers love you while mechanics are not lol Well some might . Great stuff as usual. ( interesting dichotomy having the Porsche and Ferrari 🙂 I have the same bleeder unit, isn't 15 to 20 psi a bit high? it might be dependent on car system. I was watching a motive video and they were going over pressures. Think that is why yours popped off?

James Stegbauer says:

Thanks Dan….

Anibal Torres says:

If you have a Porsche dont do things yourself leave the car to the dealer so they can do a great brake job not a cheap one.Please dont do a garbage job pay for a great service.

rx7sportscar says:

Gonna have to wait til i get on wi fi tonight to watch. Went ahead and threw you that like though.

Andrew Shidler says:

You guys forgot the Brake Pad Damping Plates the rears have 4 two different sizes per piston and front has two. They stick to the back of pads.

kyle peterson says:

what is the sensor on the brake pad for ?

Jack Shaheen says:

Save thousands?? This is not a Ferrari brake job Dan.

Rocky MTB JR says:

Next time you should put anti-seize on the back of the brake rotor to make it easier to remove next time.

clocker says:

This car- like every car of the past few decades- has a dual circuit brake system, meaning there is no connection between the front and rear brakes.
You can bleed the fronts before the rears with fear of pushing air from one end to the other because there is no path between the two.

Brent Bristol says:

Backing the Porsche out between those two in the driveway would be major pucker factor

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