How to replace/upgrade door speakers in Porsche Boxster 986

How to replace/upgrade door speakers in Porsche Boxster 986

I replaced the stock door speakers in my 1998 Porsche Boxster 986 with Focal speakers today. I also replaced the dash speakers and have a separate video for that.

These are 4 ohm speakers and the stock are 2 ohm, so an upgraded amp is needed. I will have a separate install video for replacing the stock amp with a new 4-channel amp.

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5-1/4″ Focal Speakers:



Stefan Shapiro says:

High frequencies are highly directional, which is why the tweeter is angled so that you can point it towards your ear (straight up in this case).

Fred Noce says:

Thank you for the great instructional video. I removed the passenger side door card and found that some Buba had previously worked on the car…the OEM door speaker woofer/plastic housing was gone and was replaced with an MDF board that was falling apart with a 6×9 Kicker speaker from the 90’s. So I’ve found an OEM set of speakers that are on the way, but in the meantime I found many of the plastic clips on the door card were broken…but I can’t seem to be able to pry off the seat of clip out from the door card. I’ve tried twisting and pulling but no dice…any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

Lake Crawler says:

Doing this sometime next week, thanks man. Can’t wait too see how to do the Amp!

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