How to Replace the Thermostat/Coolant Pipes under Intake Manifold on a Porsche Cayenne S (Part 1)

How to Replace the Thermostat/Coolant Pipes under Intake Manifold  on a Porsche Cayenne S (Part 1)

Brian Eslick from How to Automotive takes you step-by-step through the process of replacing upgraded coolant manifolds pipes and thermostat on a Porsche Cayenne (Part 1). Brian upgrades the plastic pipes to aluminum pipes underneath the intake manifold. No special tools required. Estimated repair time is about 10 hours. I was able to do it in about half that time.

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Dorjee Gyadatsang says:

I've watched this video a few times now to get familiar with this job before I do it myself. Can't thank you enough. The only question I have is once everything is reassembled, do you vacuum bleed the system? I know Porsche recommends it but is it imparitive? Thank you.

dojo says:

Hi, first and foremost, thank you kindly for taking the time to make these types of videos, especially for this caliber of vehicle which can be very expensive if taken to the dealer. I just bought my 06 PCS and am in love, it was a one owner with 105,000, almost perfect condition inside and out. My question is how long do these plastic pipes last in terms of years and miles on average? I'm not sure if the previous owner ever had them replaced and from the looks, it seems you'd have to go through this whole process just to get a look and see if they have. Would normal driving help them not to fail vs spirited driving, my vehicle is used half for business and half for enjoyment and so I rely on not having this fail when I need it for shows. Thank you again for these videos, it helps people like me extremely. Have a great day!

1985 by Timmzey says:

Thank you for the great video. I've done the Thermostat Change myself thanks entirely to this!!!!

Christopher Ovrebo says:

The dealer told me this was a 13 hour job. Really?

iVlogBuzz says:

What connects at 7:06 ?

iVlogBuzz says:

Any idea why my secondary air pumps don't come on after doing the coolant pipes? Fuses are all ok and everything seems to be connected. Could there be something ive missed.
No OBD error codes for the pumps either. The readiness of the system monitoring shows catalyst monitoring etc which is all connected to the sai pumps.
Any suggestions appreciated.

iVlogBuzz says:

I almost did most of this yesterday, problem i have is the 2 of the three heater pipes seem too big and loose even with the clamps on. Any suggestions?

Yerzhan Kanafin says:

Hey, I am about to replace thermostat on Cayene 4.8S, 2008. Two questions:
– To replace it I need to do the same or it can be accessed from bottom somehow? (as I read some forums where people replaced it from the bottom of car.
– While replacing thermostat is it must to change rubber o-rings as well, or I can use old ones 🙂 ? (I know it is stupid question, but I cannot wait while the shop will get them to me)
Thank you

alex stocks says:

Excellent video.
Just done mine and now I've put it back together.
Started it up and it's running really rough as if misfiring and when I press on gas quick I can hear the engine gasp as though leaking or sucking air!!! Any ideas what I may have done wrong?

iVlogBuzz says:

Excellent video

Toni Meriton says:

Hey there, great video. I wanted to ask, how could I see if these coolant pipes have been replaced with the aluminium ones? Could I physically see them if I popped the bonnet? I am looking at purchasing a Cayenne but really want to look out for the major things. Thank you!

Tony Grimes 206 says:

very helpful

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