How to replace disk brakes COMPLETE! Porsche 993

How to replace disk brakes COMPLETE!  Porsche 993

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Hi Everyone! Today we get into replacing the rear brakes on our 1995 Porsche 993. Ours is an early car and these came in a few flavors, but the basic process is the same. If you have a later model without the vacuum brake boost or with the “ABD” (Automatic Brake Differential) option (“S”s and Turbos) then every few flushes you should contact a shop that has the tool to open up all the valves associated with that system to get a complete flush. As you’ll see in the video the brake pad dampers are a bit of a pain to source so I just re-used them as they were in fine shape.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

Enjoy! Franny

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Thomas says:


T says:

Awesome. But pump a little slower, especially the upstroke after the release fluid.

Rusty Dog says:

No no…. It's only DISK when you're referring to floppy disks because they're not round. All other times it's DISC'S.

Brice Ligget says:

I've never seen anybody make pad replacement that hard. Think about how much space you'd have had if you'd installed pads with the cailper off the rotor.

Nick Murray says:

You did not show if the Park brake now works!!!!

sead b.1 says:

They’re the same system just like the Mercedes w123 parking brakes. Just rotated.

Nick Murray says:

I guess there is no real 'OEM" part for the 993 as Porsche sold them off during their dark days.

Nick Murray says:

What a great video!

Jørgen Friborg says:

Hi agin Franny. I would insert the small disk before mounting the calliper over the disk: more space 🙂

JAY ALEX says:

I FLIPPIN LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! By far my top 5 best mechanics on YouTube

Frank D says:

Something not right about the “OEM” pads if you have to grind them

Bill Cunningham says:

I am thankful this video wasn’t sponsored by (fill in your favorite auto parts supplier) because that would be awkward for all.

And don’t be fooled about the ease to get the caliper piston back in Franny is a Thumb wrestling champion! (I am just Kidding Franny….)

Brett Stevenson says:

Was JUST thinking of taking on the brakes in my ‘95. Great timing for a full run-through. Thanks!

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